Virtual Reality safety training. Augmented Reality. 360 Video. Microlearning. Technology is changing the way we train and the way we search for knowledge. Our goal is to always be testing new, innovative solutions that bring the knowledge right to our clients in the moment of need, closing the learning loop, improving safety, and creating cultures of learn, do, perform. It’s instant intelligence that gives our clients an advantage.

Launched! The Vector Solutions’ OSHA Portable Ladder Safety VR app allows learners to practice ladder safety training without ever stepping on a ladder. Falls are one of the leading causes of occupational injuries and fatalities across a wide variety of industries. For a situation when someone’s life is in danger, a virtual reality training experience can enable someone to practice in the safety of their own environment. The OSHA Portable Ladder Safety experience operates on Oculus Go and mobile devices (Android, Apple) and uses a story-based approach to emphasize the emotional elements of decision-making.



Vector Solutions partnered with Pasco County Fire Rescue for a 360 Virtual Reality (VR) video shoot to help create a VR course that teaches firefighters how to read smoke coming out of a burning building. This state-of-the-art VR training video was shot using the latest drone technology, and was filmed in a two-story building using a Gear 360 camera to provide an immersive experience for firefighters. Fire departments across the country can now access the course, which allows users to train on their computer or use a VR headset. The course provides many benefits for firefighters because it allows them to participate in a highly visual form of learning in a safe, controlled environment.

Now available – an Augmented Reality Experience to Help Train Technicians! This application walks the technician through the bleed valve block and plug procedure, a process required before performing maintenance on the equipment. Each item in the process comes up one at a time, and you must confirm that you have completed that part of the step. The application also provides a safety check so technicians must confirm they are wearing the correct PPE before they begin the process.

In Production! Vector Solutions is proud to take another new innovative step in the world of virtual reality. With “Workplace Harassment – Through Their Eyes,” users will experience a palpable situation many in the workforce unfortunately endure. Using the power of VR to elicit empathy and emotion, this application will allow executives, managers, and peers to experience workplace harassment through the eyes of those who do.

OSHA Mobile Elevated Work Platform VR Experience! Every year, dozens of workers are killed or seriously injured while operating elevated platforms. Recently, OSHA updated its standards for Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs). In response, Vector has updated its course content to extend this experience in virtual reality. Soon, users will be able to demonstrate the safe working practices of a scissor lift focusing on preventing an overturn situation. The experience will use one of the latest VR headsets on the market – the Oculus Quest – to realistically navigate and operate elements of the scissor lift to demonstrate their knowledge of OSHA safety standards.

In Production! Using our iConnect Training Recommendation Engine, organizations that want to improve training to go beyond meeting minimum standards for compliance can leverage event-based data to identify incident or performance patterns and respond with prescriptive training to mitigate potential risks and optimize performance.

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