REMOVE EXAMPLE – Long headline – Ensuring Adequate Safety Equipment for Emergencies in Public Safety

This is an example post. This copy can be found in the excerpt area on the right rail under document in the post. Learn how your organization can be prepared for the unexpected.

REMOVE EXAMPLE – Medium Headline – The 2021 Regulatory Environment

This is excerpt copy. Need to review how it looks in resource boxes when there are more words in this excerpt than fit in the box. Where does it get cut off? How does it compare to boxes that have fewer words? If there are too many words, does it creep out of the box? Does it push down the CTA? Does it give ellipses for indication to click the CTA button? It appears to keep pushing the box down along with the CTA. This causes the boxes to be of different sizes when side by side. We should restrict the number of characters allowed in the excerpt box.

REMOVE EXAMPLE – Short Headline

“Skeptics are afraid that online training is trying to take the place of practical training. However, it actually enhances our training program and allows more free time for hands-on training activities.”