Driver Assessment and Training Program

Immersive Learning & Training Exercises

The Driver Assessment and Training program is built to improve roadway safety and reduce overall liability. After completing an assessment, drivers are given detailed performance feedback and are automatically assigned custom training courses based on their knowledge gaps. Every month, one topic in the 12-course series is assigned to personnel and the order of the training is based on the individual’s needs. Engaging courses in this series include:

✔ Backing Up Safely
✔ Dangers of Distracted Driving
✔ Environmental Driving Hazards
✔ Hazard Perception – Hidden Hazards
✔ Preventing Intersection Collisions – Cross Traffic
✔ Preventing Intersection Collisions – Rear-ends
✔ Preventing Intersection Collisions – Turning
✔ Preventing Loss of Control Crashes
✔ Preventing Sideswipe Collisions
✔ Sharing the Road with Pedestrians and Cyclists
✔ Speed and Space Management
✔ Work Zone Driving Hazards

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