Hurricane Dorian 8.30.19 Update

Hurricane Dorian is currently projected to reach the east coast of Florida as a category 4 hurricane late Monday or early Tuesday. It won’t be until within 48 hours of landfall that a more certain path will be determined, but it could churn slowly across Florida as a multi-day event.

The Tampa Bay area could see tropical-storm-force winds by Monday and heavy rains heading into Tuesday that could dump more than a foot of rain. The Weather Service said flooding rain, wind, surge, and tornadoes could last 2 days or more.

As you know, Monday is a day off from work and school for Labor Day. Vector’s Business Continuity team will meet over the weekend to evaluate how to proceed.  We’ll send another update on Sunday after 4 pm EST so please check your email to learn more about the status of the Tampa office.

The safety of our team members is always our top priority. We encourage Tampa-based team members to prepare for potential impact, including:

  • When leaving the office today, do a controlled shut down of your desktop, or bring your laptop with you
  • Let your direct supervisor know what your plans will be during and after the storm
  • Use the weekend to make sure you have food, water and medicine supplies for at least seven days
  • Always put the safety of yourself and your family first

As a reminder, we have four channels for providing and retrieving  information in the event of an emergency:

  1. Emails (like this one)
  2. Group text messages (don’t be surprised when you get one)
  3. Phone Extension Recording – dial either 1-866-546-1212, extension 8000, or direct to 813-323-9439
  4. Emergency Blog – Visit

We will be performing a group text test today so please make sure you have updated your mobile number in ADP if you would like to be included in our emergency notifications via text.

There is a consolidated contact list (for Tampa) posted on Insight and in google docs that also includes a helpful list of resources: