Hurricane Michael Impact 10/10/18

Hurricane Michael is now a category 4 storm projected to make landfall in the Florida panhandle today. While the Tampa Bay area is not projected to have serious impacts from the storm, we are under a Tropical Storm Watch and a Storm Surge Watch. There could be areas of localized flooding and wind gusts could reach 30-40 mph over the next day into Thursday.

The Tampa office is open, and we expect to remain so, but we wanted to remind team members to keep an eye on conditions in their neighborhood and along their commute and to stay safe. Please work with your manager if you have a personal circumstance that needs to be addressed in regards to the storm.

Due to the limited impact of Hurricane Michael, we won’t be activating our normal emergency communication channels, but remember we have four channels for providing and retrieving¬† information in the event of an emergency:

  1. Emails (like this one)
  2. Group text messages (don’t be surprised when you get one)
  3. Phone Extension Recording – dial either 1-866-546-1212, extension 8000, or direct to 813-323-9439
  4. Emergency Blog – Visit