Our technologies and services span across each of our Vector Solutions business units — commercial, education and public sector — maximizing employee training and performance management. We offer a wide variety of solutions through libraries that include 9,000+ courses and software applications available to all clients, regardless of industry, to help meet needs for continuing education, knowledge assessment and certification, compliance and risk management, and performance evaluation and management.

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Industry-focused Online Courses

Choosing a Vector Solutions brand gives you access to a course library of thousands of courses that you can mix and match to create a curated curriculum to meet your organization’s unique needs. Individual professionals can access our libraries, and customizable solutions are available for corporate training through easily accessible online universities with a full range of tracking and reporting.

From professional development, to OSHA safety, to fleet management, we’re constantly developing new course titles and updating our existing libraries with innovative technologies that encourage student participation and ensure maximum comprehension.

Learning Management System

Combined with our best-in-class training content, our learning and performance engine gives organizations a robust solution for managing safety, compliance, career development, licenses/credentials and much more. It’s secure, reliable and user-friendly.

Organizations can assess knowledge and skills in order to deliver targeted training, and schedule and manage live training events.

Robust tracking and reporting  tools  offer an insightful plan of professional development for individuals, large-scale companies, school districts, and municipalities. Our Vector Solutions LMS is beautifully responsive on any device with a simple online login. Take learning with you wherever you go with no excuses for completion or credential upkeep.

Accreditations & Credential Management

Together, Vector Solutions and our brands hold hundreds of accreditations so our courses can be used to comply with state, federal and professional association PDH, CE and compliance requirements.

Recognizing our commitment to expert instructional design and strong processes and procedures, we are an Accredited Provider with the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

These hundreds of accreditations and credentials are tracked and managed within our learning management system through our one-of-a-kind course mapping and license management solution.

Competency Assessments

An effective learning and development program is only as strong as the foundation of its assessment capabilities. Establish a foundation for more effective learning with integrated competency assessments.

Throughout the training process the trainee’s mastery of subject matter needs to be evaluated. Using thousands of questions that cross-reference Vector Solutions courses, our competency assessments identify the skills gaps between your employees’ development goals and their existing knowledge, skills and abilities. Then, automatically generate and assign individualized training curriculum based on deficiencies in the Assessment test results.

Improve your training ROI by delivering the right training to the right people at the right time.

Compliance & Risk Management

The world’s best organizations recognize that a strong risk management strategy connects reports on accidents, incidents and near-misses with past training deficits and future training assignments.

If your organization isn’t using the latest cloud-based systems to track incidents, odds are you’re using paper and pen, Excel or other methods that have proven inefficient. Our cloud-based EHS Incident Management and Incident Tracking System allows you to take a more proactive approach to managing risk.  Further, it encourages generating more timely, accurate incident reports that ultimately decrease workplace accidents, minimize lost work days, and slash workers’ comp claims.

And should your organization, school or department manage chemicals, our safety data sheet management tool helps keep you GHS compliant all in one cloud-based destination.

Performance Management & Evaluation

Investing in the development of your staff is a proven way to improve safety, grow your business, and become more efficient. Our customizable Performance Evaluation Solution automates the evaluation process and puts valuable data at your fingertips.

Manage observations, evaluation documents, and deadlines in one central location, from any device, at any time. Track progress, manage compliance, and access data-driven metrics with customized dashboards and reports. Use video observation in lieu of in-person observations. Tailor the system to fit your workflow processes.

And the most effective performance management systems don’t stop at evaluation. Integrate with other applications, like our learning management system and competency assessments, to turbo-boost the process so you have exactly what you need to foster collaboration, manage growth and performance, and strengthen staff development.

Process & Workflow Management

Process is often a differentiator for many organizations. You and your team maximize your time together by following a refined order to serve others every day because creating that efficiency doesn’t happen overnight.

Our policy management and form-building applications allow customers to deliver policies electronically, ensuring accountability and consistency.  Monitor risk exposure by generating records in real-time, and “go green” by storing files in a database. Use our pre-built record-keeping tools or customize them to meet the needs of any industry.

The Vector Solutions workflow management tools provide open communication with partners and third-party agencies, allow for asset tracking, shift scheduling, policy management, and streamlined operations, all personalized to ensure your maximum return on investment.

3D Course Modeling & Animation

3D AnimationVector Solutions leverages 3D modeling and animation in our course development to convey complex information and processes,  bringing topics to life. The cutting-edge educational technology gives rare looks inside machinery and other large items and creates scenarios that could otherwise risk safety.

By using 3D modeling and animation in our course development, safety training can visually represent materials that are normally invisible in order to increase your employee’s learning. We create 3D scenes, equipment, and environments that produce cinematic, visually exciting scenarios that keep learners interested. These innovative content delivery methods are valuable tools to enhance emotional connection and increase learner engagement.

Scheduling and Workforce Management

Effectively managing your workforce in mission-critical industries is a proven way to improve safety and efficiency and manage growth and performance. Our customizable scheduling workforce management solution coordinates schedules, oversees employee hours, manages overtime, and simplifies communication.

Streamline employee scheduling and overtime with intelligent rules to eliminate conflicts and grievances. Adjust schedules and communicate from any web-enabled device or the mobile application with cloud-hosted, reliable data that is available 24/7. Simplify employee resource management and track records with accurate logs and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

The Vector Solutions scheduling and workforce management tools comprise an all-in-one solution for employee resource management so that you can access and control all of your employee scheduling and workforce management needs in one place.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Inventory management is an operations cornerstone for mission-critical industries and organizations. Our dynamic inventory management solution streamlines routine maintenance inspections of trucks, tools, medical supplies, drugs, and other items logged in inventory records.

Improve inspections and maintenance checks with innovative technology that allows you to spot issues in real time and ensure your agency’s resources comply. Check apparatus and equipment using intuitive and visual reports that are automatically generated and easily accessible.

The Vector Solutions inventory management solution places the power in your hands. Combined with our scheduling and workforce management application, you can efficiently manage what is most important to you – your employees and their life-saving equipment – from a single platform.

Safety Management

Safety management helps organizations efficiently record, track and trend safety data to improve workplace safety, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risks, and save time and costs. Our highly configurable Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) management software suite includes modules for Incident Management, Safety Metrics Dashboards, Hazard Management, Mobile EHS Inspections, and more.

Satisfy and improve regulatory compliance. Standardize procedures and processes. Utilize data to view reports and trends easily and quickly. Focus on safety trouble areas, deliver consistent training to employees, and track requirements.

The Vector Solutions EHS solution streamlines the way you improve workplace safety, from increasing compliance to delivering effective training to reducing risk. Combine our EHS solution with other applications, including our scheduling and workforce management solution, to optimize performance within your organization.