Improve Campus Mental Health and Provide Quality Care for Students


There is a Mental Health Crisis in Higher Education

Institutions are simultaneously seeing an increased demand for mental health resources while also, facing staffing shortages due to budget cuts. Administrators are being forced to make difficult decisions between proactively investing in mental health education for all community members or providing clinical resources for those in need, despite both approaches being critical for student success.


of college students have felt overwhelming anxiety making it difficult to succeed.


of college presidents ranked student mental health as their top concern.


of college students have experienced high to moderate levels of distress as a result of the pandemic.


We're Working Together to Transform the Landscape of Mental Health on Campus


How Our Partnership Works

Institutions can integrate TimelyMD's teletherapy platform directly into Vector Solutions' industry-leading safety, well-being, and inclusion courses to meet students wherever they are in their mental health journey.

By adopting both platforms, institutions can now provide students with a comprehensive continuum of care: providing students with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves and others safe and healthy while ensuring real-time clinical support for those who need it.



Students take Vector training

  • Built with evidence-based content and cutting-edge digital design to engage your students
  • Published and proven effective, with 9 peer-reviewed studies demonstrating the efficacy of our courses
  • Driven by data with real-time dashboards to track changes in students’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors


Students click integrated links for on-demand mental health support

  • On-demand mental health care 24 hours a day
  • Best in class technology by web, mobile, or phone
  • Behavioral health professionals in 50 states
  • No cost visits for students
TimelyMD laptop

Why Vector and TimelyMD?

“Now, with TimelyMD integrated in our programs, students can turn their awareness into action by requesting real-time support if they’re experiencing mental health challenges.”

- Rob Buelow, SVP of Higher Education and Impact

"Providing students with as many on-ramps to access mental health support is in everyone’s best interest. Our strategic partnership enables higher education to deliver a complete health and well-being continuum for students."

- Luke Hejl, CEO and Co-Founder of TimelyMD