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Now available at no charge to TASB Risk Management Fund members

TASB Risk Management Fund (the Fund) wants to be sure that your staff receive the training they need and that it's easy for your administration to track compliance. The Fund has partnered with Vector Solutions to provide their award-winning Vector LMS & Training System to members, at no charge!

Members receive access to the Vector LMS & Training System and a bundle of safety and compliance courses based on your line of coverage, free of charge. Members may upgrade to the full Safety and Compliance Course Library at a significantly discounted rate.

The Fund is also providing Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and COVID-19 course bundles to all members, free of charge!


Here are just some of the Texas organizations who use the Vector LMS & Training Systems:





Automate Your Staff Training

Courses by K-12 & Higher Education Experts

Vector Solutions' courses are written by leading subject matter experts, and cover a wide variety of important safety and compliance topics that you need to train your employees on.

Customize for Your Organization

Assign our courses, customize courses with your own information and resources, or easily build your own policies and courses in our system.

Automated Features

Our system includes a number of automated features that make your job easier. Set up training plans in minutes for new hires, or specific job titles. Email notification, real-time tracking, and automated reports make training administration fast and simple!





Our courses are written specifically for school staff members so the content is relevant and immediately applicable.



Our web-based system is easy to administer and use. Millions of courses are completed by millions of users each year!



Voted a Top Education Product by K-12 administrators, 7 years in a row. Trusted by thousands of customers.


Courses for Fund Members

Select K-12 or Higher Ed below to view the safety and compliance courses available for your lines of coverage.

K-12 Programs
Higher Ed Programs

K-12 Safety & Compliance Courses


Based on your line of business with the Fund, you'll have access to the following courses in your Vector Training System.
In addition, you can upgrade to the full Vector Training Staff Safety & Compliance Course Library for a reduced rate.

Compliance Pack
Included for All Members
  • All Fund Members receive access to the following courses:
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention
  • FERPA: Confidentiality of Records
  • AED (Automated External Defibrillators)
  • HIPPA Overview
  • Special Education: ADHD Overview (Essentials)
  • Special Education: IEP Compliance (Essentials)

Workers' Compensation
  • In addition to the Compliance Pack, you have access to the following courses:
  • Chemical Spills Overview
  • De-Escalation Strategies
  • Electrical Safety
  • Special Education: Working Safely with Students with Special Needs
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Workplace Injury Prevention (Includes Back Injury & Slips, Trips and Falls)

  • In addition to the Compliance Pack, you have access to the following courses:
  • Bullying: Recognition & Response (Includes Cyberbullying)
  • Sexual Misconduct:
  • Sexual Misconduct:
  • Texas Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees Program
  • Special Education: Bullying and Students with Special Needs
  • Exceptional Child: Restraint and Seclusion Overview (Essentials)

Auto Coverage
  • In addition to the Compliance Pack, you have access to the following courses:
  • Bus Behavior and Discipline
  • Defensive Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Road Rage
  • Transportation Safety

  • In addition to the Compliance Pack, you have access to the following courses:
  • Fire and Explosion Hazards
  • Forklift Safety
  • Water Damage Prevention


Just Announced! New Courses that Meet Pressing Needs

The Fund is also providing Vector Solutions' Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and COVID-19 course bundles to all K-12 and Higher Education members, free of charge. When you contact us to set up your customized training system, it will include the safety and compliance courses available for your line of business, plus these new course bundles!

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Courses

  • Intro to Child Sexual Abuse
  • Grooming Part 1 - Elementary
  • Grooming Part 1 - Middle
  • Grooming Part 1 - High
  • Grooming Part 2 - Elementary
  • Grooming Part 2 - Middle
  • Grooming Part 2 - High
  • On-Site Isolation Boundaries Part 1
  • On-Site Isolation Boundaries Part 2
  • On-Site Behavior Boundaries Part 1 - Elementary
  • On-Site Behavior Boundaries Part 1 - Middle/High
  • On-Site Behavior Boundaries Part 2 - Elementary
  • On-Site Behavior Boundaries Part 2 - Middle/High
  • Off-Site Boundaries Part 1
  • Off Hours Boundaries - Elementary
  • Off Hours Boundaries - Middle/High
  • Electronic & Social Media Boundaries
  • Gift Boundaries - Elementary
  • Gift Boundaries - Middle
  • Gift Boundaries - High
  • Student to Student Boundaries - Elementary
  • Student to Student Boundaries - Middle/High

COVID-19 Courses

  • Coronavirus Awareness
  • Coronavirus: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Workplace
  • Coronavirus: Managing Stress and Anxiety
  • Coronavirus: CDC Guidelines for Making & Using Cloth Face Coverings
  • Coronavirus: Preparing Your Household
  • Coronavirus: Reopening Your Organization
  • Coronavirus: Transitioning to a Remote Workforce

How Do I Get Started?

It's easy to get started with your Vector LMS & Training System:

  1. First, decide who will be the primary administrator for your educational institutions. This person will be the main contact to help promote and manage your training system throughout your school community.
  2. Then, fill out the form below and the Vector Solutions Client Success Management Team will be in touch to walk you through the set up process and get your new training program off to a great start.

Contact us today! We look forward to working with you!