Volunteer Fire Agencies

Dynamic online solutions for volunteer fire departments to maximize training and operational processes for all service members.

One Total Solution

Vector Solutions provides the ultimate suite of solutions for volunteer fire agencies to optimize training, manage compliance and oversee essential tasks for every fire service member.

The Ultimate Fire Department Operations Technology

With Vector Solutions, volunteer fire departments have the ultimate technology to streamline training and compliance. Deliver, track and report more than 450 hours of online firefighter training, as well as 250 hours of accredited EMS continuing education. The flexible system allows agencies to meet training requirements with custom-built content and activities to track hands-on exercises.

That’s why we unified all our brands under the Vector Solutions name, bringing additional resources and innovative new solutions to help our customers achieve the operational readiness that’s critical to success. And while all of our brands’ names have become Vector Solutions, what hasn't changed is our industry focus and our commitment to growing and evolving our product and service lines to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

These cutting-edge systems are connected to provide a true all-in-one solution. Each application is built for the unpredictability of volunteer firefighting and provides convenient tools to adapt to a volunteer department’s needs.

Suite of Solutions




Vector LMS

Deliver valuable online firefighter training written to the NFPA’s standards, as well as your own custom content. Easily track every single hour of training and every compliance task.

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Vector Check It

Comply with DEA standards for managing controlled substances, track crucial inventory and streamline daily inspections with a secure application that ensures accuracy and accountability.

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Vector Evaluations

Manage live skill evaluations with digital skill sheets, in-app videos, and performance assessment tools. Add skill sheets to task books in the Vector LMS for a comprehensive view.

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Vector Scheduling

Manage your crew’s shift scheduling, overtime, callbacks, and payroll data with an easy-to-use workforce management system built for mission critical industries.

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Maximize Training Management

Make the most of personnel’s training hours with flexible, self-paced online courses. Vector Solutions makes it easy to assign and track all types of training that’s accessible 24/7. Optimize in-person training sessions with preparatory lessons for more effective, efficient exercises.


Evaluate Volunteer Performance

To ensure your volunteers are ready to perform, Vector Evaluations+ simplifies live skill evaluations. Checklists help track skillsets and in-app videos document performance to review later or show proof of competencies.

Manage Department Resources

A volunteer department’s budget can be tight. Vector Check It helps ensure nothing falls through the cracks with customizable inspections. Ensure all inventory is accounted for and working properly for each shift.


Coordinate Volunteer Shifts

Eliminate the stress of planning volunteer firefighter schedules and emergency hiring with Vector Scheduling. You can automate shift assignments around individuals’ availability and allow volunteers to self-manage shift trades or time-off requests.

Manage Safety Compliance

With Vector EHS Management, volunteer agencies can quickly identify accidents or exposures, perform incident investigations online and take correct actions based on detailed reports.


Success Stories

“I can check our records at any time and make sure we are on track in terms of ISO,”

Tracy Braley, Assistant Chief,
Cape Canaveral Volunteer Fire Department (FL)

Online Firefighter Training

Access hundreds of hours of online firefighter training in the Vector LMS. Video-based courses are written according to the latest standards by the NFPA, RT-130 and ARFF.


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