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Our Public Sector Business Unit is home to the TargetSolutions, CrewSense and Casino Essentials brands which serve more than 5,000 fire departments, emergency medical service organizations, law enforcement entities, and other public sector agencies across the U.S. and Canada. A well-trained employee is a safer, more prepared employee. That’s why Vector Solutions creates innovative training and performance optimization applications for public sector entities and professionals. We put our clients first, aiming to be an extension of their departments, delivering dynamic, accredited online courses, reliable records and workforce management technology, innovative performance support tools, and world-class customer service.

Our team is relied on to deliver optimized training efficiency, reduced liability expense, improved employee retention and success stories for investment. With access to more than 2,000 industry-specific courses, record-keeping tools our served agencies receive automatic notifications and completion status visibility for compliance demonstration. Our quality content attracts start performers looking to grow professionally and facilitate career advancement.

Emergency medical service

TargetSolutions provides comprehensive, easy-to-use and innovative online training management applications for public safety entities and professionals. More than 5,000 organizations use TargetSolutions to manage training and improve performance.

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Vector Scheduling

CrewSense is a cloud-hosted intelligent, workforce management system for mission-critical industries. CrewSense allows administrators to alert, match-qualify and fill openings quickly with zero human interaction required for making complicated organizational tasks simple and reliable.

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Casino Essentials & Vector Solutions

Casino Essentials is the leading eLearning solution provider of Title 31 & AML (anti-money laundering) compliance training specific to the Gaming Industry. Leading compliance training to protect against financial crime.

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Public Sector Strategic Partners

We are proud of the partnerships we have developed with organizations that share our enthusiasm for service. Together, we strive to help customers achieve their goals, enhance performance, and improve safety.

  • Calibre Press & TargetSolutions Partnership