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November 11 2022

OSHA Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements: Proposed Rule Affects Construction Firms

OSHA has published a proposed rule to restore and expand Obama-administration requirements for employers in hazardous industries with at least 100 employees. The proposed rule would require the submission of information from injury and illness 300, 301, and 300A forms…

October 21 2022

White Paper: Manufacturing Downtime and the Bottom Line

A skilled workforce is essential to preventative maintenance and mitigating costly downtime. This white paper is a critical piece linking the investment of training and technology to shop floor operations and the bottom line for organizations.  In this white paper…

October 20 2022

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Training Resources

At Vector Solutions, we offer online training, continuing education, and other performance-improvement solutions for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industries. Of course, our learning management system (LMS), elearning courses for online training in the AEC industry, and accredited live…

May 24 2022

What Is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

What Is a Learning Management System (LMS)? If you’re just beginning to investigate online training, you may have run across the term learning management system, which is often shortened to LMS. A learning management system, along with eLearning courses, is…

April 8 2022

Employee Onboarding Guide

Well-designed, supportive, and well-implemented onboarding programs can help accelerate the integration of newly hired workers, ensure proper knowledge acquisition and skill development, help ensure compliance, and even aid in employee engagement, morale, and retention. In this guide, you’ll learn: What…

April 7 2022

8 Things to Keep in Mind about Employee Onboarding…

Although employee onboarding programs are known to provide great benefits for employees and the organization (see our Better Employee Onboarding recorded webinar to see some statistics and data on that), many organizations don’t offer a real employee onboarding program and…

April 5 2022

Webinar Overview: Discussing the Grenfell Tower Fire & Systemic…

In a recent installment of our monthly webinar series, we were joined by Gill Kernick, a high-risk industry safety consultant, talking about the Grenfell Tower Fire of 2017 in West London. Gill is not only a safety consultant but was…

March 25 2022

7 Benefits of Onboarding Employees

There’s always a value to onboarding employees—whether they’re entirely new to the organization or just moving to a new job role—but that’s even more so now, in 2022 when we’re in the throws of the so-called Great Resignation and companies…

March 11 2022

How Training Can Help Close the Facilities Maintenance Skills…

Employers in many industries are struggling with skills gaps at work, and that’s true in facilities management and facilities maintenance as well.  A skills gap is never really a simple, one-solution issue. And with the global COVID-19 pandemic, a normally…