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April 20 2022

Controlled Substances Tracking in the Age of Substance Abuse

On-Demand Webinar Controlled Substances Tracking in the Age of Substance Abuse Overview Learn How to Simplify Tracking of Medications and Improve Accountability with Vector Check It Mismanagement of controlled substances, inaccurate tracking, and other drug diversions within EMS agencies can…

March 21 2022

eBook: Time, Talent, and Treasure

Today’s leading EMS systems promote a positive work culture in which processes are streamlined, inefficiencies are minimized and open collaboration among staff and leadership is encouraged. What do these concepts mean in practice? Download this supplement from EMS World and…

March 10 2022

Tools for Managing Front-Line Compassion Fatigue

On-Demand Webinar Tools for Managing Front-Line Compassion Fatigue Overview Learn How Guardian Tracking and Vector’s Training and Workforce Solutions Can Help Keep Morale High in Tough Times Are you concerned about your first responders experiencing compassion fatigue and what you…

March 2 2022

White Paper: Four Steps to Manage Fire Department Staff…

A well-planned scheduling program won’t restore tax-based budgets, fill the department’s applicant file or cure COVID. But it will make these variables more manageable and help keep the department staffed and on budget. Download this guide for four steps to…

February 23 2022

Stay Ahead of Recertification with Vector’s Top 10 EMS…

For many EMS providers, recertification is right around the corner. It can be challenging for emergency responders to fit in all the hours of continuing education needed to meet recertification by the deadline, yet critical to avoid late renewal fees…

February 18 2022

How To Create A Successful Behavioral Health Program

When a 9-1-1 call is placed and a fire department responds to an incident, the number one priority is the safety of those at the scene, civilians and first responders alike. Once the situation is resolved and the immediate crisis…

February 10 2022

Ensuring DEA Compliance with Simplified Controlled Substances Management

On-Demand Webinar Ensuring DEA Compliance with Simplified Controlled Substances Management Overview Learn How Vector Check It Can Help Your Agency Track and Maintain Accurate Records of Your Controlled Substances Does management of your agency’s controlled substances keep you up at…

February 8 2022

How To Prioritize Professional Development At Your Fire Department

Between 9-1-1 calls, community education, annual training, equipment inspections, and everything else that’s part of day-to-day life at a firehouse, firefighters are often too pressed for time to focus on those projects that may be deemed non-essential activities. Unfortunately, it’s…

February 7 2022

Albany, NY, Firefighters Complete 100% EMS CE Hours Online

"85% of what we do is respond to EMS calls." Lieutenant John Tidings, Division of Training and Safety - EMS, Albany Fire Department (NY)   Although providing pre-hospital emergency care may not be the main reason many join the fire…