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Engineering & Design

February 9 2022

From Hiring to Retention: The AEC Industry’s Finest HOUR…

On-Demand WEBINAR From Hiring to Retention: The AEC Industry’s Finest HOUR for Learning Autodesk Online Webinar Overview AEC employers are facing a skills gap due to the Great Resignation, the continuing retirement of Baby Boomers, and the ongoing trend of…

January 19 2022

Webinar Overview: Microlearning for Safety Training

We host a number of informative webinars at Vector Solutions to try to help people with common workplace performance problems. There's a list of recorded, on-demand webinars and upcoming, live webinars at our Webinars webpage.  In this article, we're going…

January 6 2022

Recorded On-Demand Webinar: Creating Better Compliance Training

RECORDED, ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Creating Better Compliance Training WATCH AND LISTEN NOW! Webinar Overview Listen in to our recorded webinar, Creating Better Compliance Training, while we discuss how compliance training can be relevant and engaging. These methods will not only lead…

November 17 2021

Vector Solutions Releases First of New Microlearning Course Series

We at Vector Solutions are excited to announce the release of an entirely new library of online courses designed for a slightly different purpose than our previous libraries: our new workplace performance improvement microlearning course library (if microlearning is a…

November 16 2021

Key Findings from Our State of AEC Training 2020/21…

Earlier this year, Vector Solutions AEC published a new guide titled The State of AEC Training in 2020-2021. As the global leader in training and continuing education for the architecture, engineering & construction industries, we based the guide on experiences…

November 15 2021

Recorded Webinar: Effective Employee Onboarding

RECORDED, ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Effective Employee Onboarding WATCH & LISTEN NOW! Recorded December 7, 2021 1 pm ET | 10 am PT Employee onboarding training is amongst the most essential and impactful training an organization can deliver. Yet many organizations don't…

November 2 2021

Recorded Webinar: An Intro to Organizational DE&I

RECORDED, ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Organizational DE&I: An Introduction WATCH AND LISTEN NOW! Recorded November 30, 2021 1 pm ET | 10 am PT In this webinar, we'll discuss diversity, equity & inclusion in organizations. Please note the presenter is NOT a…

October 15 2021

What Is ADDIE? Infographic

What Is ADDIE? Infographic Learn what ADDIE is, why you should consider using it or a similar method, get a low-down on the five steps or phases, and learn some additional information about where ADDIE came from and whether or…

October 4 2021

3 Uses for Microlearning Infographic

3 Uses for Microlearning Infographic Download this helpful infographic for some useful information about microlearning and tips on how to use it. You'll learn what microlearning is, why it seems so popular these days, three ways to use it for…