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Engineering & Design

September 22 2021

Recorded Webinar: Microlearning for Safety Training

RECORDED, ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Microlearning for Safety Training WATCH & LISTEN NOW! Recorded October 26, 2021 In this webinar, we'll discuss microlearning, give some examples of how you can use it for safety training, and introduce the new microlearning/safety training course…

September 15 2021

What Are Reliability & Maintainability Infographic

What Are Reliability & Maintainability? Infographic Download this infographic to get a helpful introduction to reliability and maintainability from a leading global expert, Dr. Klaus Blache of the University of Tennessee's Reliability & Maintainability Center (UT-RMC).  

September 14 2021

Webinar: Facilities Management & Maintenance Training Solutions Demo

RECORDED, ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Facilities Management & Maintenance Training Solutions Demo Recorded Webinar WATCH/LISTEN NOW Recorded September, 2021 Join key accounts manager Chris Twitchell of Vector Solutions as he provides a helpful overview of the training solutions for Facilities Maintenance and…

August 18 2021

Vector Solutions Launches Innovative Course Player

Furthers Vector’s Commitment to Connect Content and Innovation to Help Learners Become Safer, Smarter, Better Tampa, FL - August 18, 2021 - Vector Solutions, the leading provider of software solutions for learning, operational readiness, workforce management, and risk reduction, has…

July 30 2021

Guide to Online AEC Training & Continuing Ed.

In this guide, we've provided TONS of information to help you select and use online tools for job training and continuing education in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industries. Download it now and let us know if you have…

July 29 2021

Tips for Selecting Online AEC Training & Continuing Ed.

Vector Solutions is the leading name in online training and continuing education options for the architecture, engineering & construction industries. Need job training options, including elearning courses? We've got 'em. Need a learning management system (LMS) to help you manage all…

July 28 2021

Webinar: Safety Metrics with the American Fuel & Petrochemical…

RECORDED, ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Developing a Metrics Program Aimed on Focusing on What's Important: Safety Metrics with the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) WATCH/LISTEN NOW Recorded Tuesday, August 17, 2021 Safety metrics are an important indicator of safety program performance…

July 26 2021

Webinar: Beginner’s Guide to Online Training

RECORDED, ON-DEMAND WEBCAST A Beginner's Guide to Online Training--Tech, Tools, Terms & Tips Watch the Recording Now Webinar Overview Recorded August 31, 2021 Get a beginner's, 100-level introduction to online training, including all the tech, terms, and training tips. During…

July 17 2021

Guide to OSHA Inspections

Learn what happens when an OSHA field officer inspects a workplace and get tips for coming through an OSHA inspection without problems.