June 14th

Virtual Summit

Reemergence: A Path to Campus and Community Well-Being

Drive transformational campus and community outcomes with a curated virtual event focused on:

  • Vision
    Imagine a future for higher education where institutional success is measured by the degree to which students and communities thrive.
  • Strategy
    Build the expertise, insights, and tools you'll need to plan the path forward, build the case for bold action, and meaningfully engage stakeholders at every level.
  • Action 
    Harness the momentum of this moment of transformation to make big strides towards the safer, more inclusive, more equitable, and more impactful campuses we dare to envision.

Program Highlights

CPN Summit


Each stage of this path is illuminated by groundbreaking plenary insights-delivered by education leaders, activists, and scholars who challenge conventional thinking and dare attendees to imagine a new path forward for building campuses and communities with well-being at the center.


How do you learn best? Where do you sit at your institution? What challenges are you solving? What inspiration are you seeking?

This year's CPN Summit breakouts will take you on a journey of institutional transformation, from vision, through strategy, to action with these tracks:

Active Learning: Hands-on, expert-led workshop sessions help you build new, cross-disciplinary tools to make progress on the issues that matter most to your community.

Leading Change: Sessions delivered by some of higher education's most dynamic, visionary leaders to provide inspiration, insights, and actionable strategies for change-makers at every level to reimagine and transform the culture on their campus and achieve demonstrable results.

Innovation Labs: Learn from higher education and technology leaders about digital tools and strategies for driving transformational impact on your campus and community.

CPN Summit
CPN Summit
CPN Summit

This is THE professional development opportunity that I look forward to every year. I leave with many practical ideas to strengthen and improve our prevention programs.

VP of Student Life

Outstanding presentations which have come to embody why this is the most relevant conference I attend.

Director of Wellness

"This was quite possibly the best conference I have attended…The quality of the presentations surpassed my expectations and were rigorous and critical in their analyses. Many conferences I have attended are just "look at us and what we did." These presenters shared their research and how we could apply it at our colleges. I am so incredibly pleased with this conference and it is at the top of my list for conferences to attend in the future."

Prevention Practitioner

The Summit was hands-down outstanding! Your staff did an incredible job. The presentations were informative, professional, and timely; the food was wonderful; the facilities could not have been better; and the assistance extended by the entire staff, with their ever-present smile, was most appreciated and helpful. You will be challenged and hard-pressed to top this conference.

Dean of Students