About CPN Summit 2021

This year’s Summit will explore the impact of safety, well-being, and inclusion on the mission and business of higher education. The two-day event will follow the progression of the student lifecycle, from recruitment to retention and beyond.

Day 1 focuses on enrollment, academic performance, and student engagement, aligning prevention issues and efforts with the decision-making criteria of prospective students and their ability to thrive inside and outside the classroom.

Day 2 focuses on retention and career readiness, demonstrating how students’ skills and experiences–and the quality of an institution’s prevention strategy–play a pivotal role in persistence and post-graduation success.


What percentage of high school students make enrollment decisions based on issues of well-being and inclusion?

How much higher are feelings of belonging and satisfaction among students who participate in prevention programs?

What is the effect of preventable harms on academic performance and attrition?

How well can retention rates be predicted by prevention quality?

Vector Solutions' renowned social impact experts will take on these questions and more as they demonstrate the strategic impact of prevention across the student lifecycle.


Conversations with Experts dive deep into the intersections of student success with the most urgent social impact issues facing institutions and organizations: diversity and inclusion, mental health and well-being, substance misuse and hazing, and sexual and relationship violence. Leaders will facilitate in-depth discussions with on-the-ground experts, reviewing emerging trends and research and exploring promising practices aimed at driving campus and community outcomes.


The connection between social impact and student success is clear, requiring new skills and strategies to adapt for the future of higher education. Workshops will be an opportunity to translate insights into action, helping leaders and practitioners weave innovative approaches to safety, well-being, and inclusion into compelling impact stories that drive community support, reflect real results, and ultimately transform the value and purpose of higher education.