The Facts About Get Inclusive

Let's Set the Record Straight

In this current moment, the last thing that any digital provider should be doing is creating fear, confusion, and anxiety in the lives of higher education administrators. 

Unfortunately, Get Inclusive, a small competitor, is doing just that through a variety of campaigns focused on spreading misleading information to our customers—both Vector LMS and Foundry users—and disparaging us in the wider higher education space. These are just sales tactics.

So let’s set the record straight:


There is no forced migration.


Get Inclusive’s programs are not comparable to our programs.


Vector Solutions does not support high-pressure and misleading sales tactics.

There is no forced migration.


Get Inclusive uses the term “forced migration” as a sales tactic, but that’s just not the case. Here’s what you should know:

  • Campus Prevention Network (CPN) Foundry customers will be upgraded this year to our state-of-the-art Vector Learning Management System (LMS), used by more than 10 million learners.
  • This process doesn’t affect current Vector LMS customers.
  • We’re working with each CPN Foundry customer on a timeline that works best for them.* And, administrators will be able to use dual-platforms (both Foundry and Vector LMS) during their fall 2022 training season, which means they can test out the Vector LMS while having the security of Foundry.

*We’ve even had several CPN Foundry customers request to upgrade early!

Vector Solutions and Get Inclusive Programs are not comparable.


Course Efficacy

Our CPN flagship programs, Sexual Assault Violence Prevention and AlcoholEDU® for College, are backed by nine research-based studies that demonstrate how our training changes student behaviors and outcomes.

Get Inclusive recently launched an Alcohol & Other Drugs Student Wellness Training in March, and their first efficacy study is available this year.

Higher Education Experience

Our full-time team of subject matter experts, including prevention thought leaders, social science researchers, and compliance experts have helped write the laws governing higher education education and training mandates.

Get Inclusive has one in-house subject matter expert who doesn’t appear to have worked as a higher education or student affairs professional, prevention professional, or subject matter expert in the courses they are creating. 

Get Inclusive also has no noted research professionals on staff, or individuals with significant experience developing validated surveys in health, safety, or well-being, as well as working with data.

Benchmarking Data and Analysis

Vector Solutions provides valuable benchmarking data to more than 2,000 higher education institutions so our customers can easily see how their training ranks among peer institutions. We provide more than 20-page Impact Reports each year to our CPN Foundry customers with in-depth institution-specific data analysis framed with prevention insights developed by public health and prevention professionals. Researchers at prestigious leading institutions across the U.S. rely upon and trust our data because of the depth of insights, its high quality, scope, and rigor.

Get Inclusive offers benchmarking for 350 institutions and doesn’t provide the in-depth analysis that we do.

Vector Solutions does not use misleading marketing campaigns or high-pressure sales tactics.


Vector Solutions knows that strong customer relationships are built on trust and transparency. We do not engage in marketing campaigns that try to mislead higher education administrators, nor do we support high-pressure sales tactics. That is not our style, nor will it ever be. 

The Get Inclusive team has intentionally reached out to our EVERFI/Foundry and Vector LMS customers through targeted email campaigns to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt about our acquisition of the Campus Prevention Network and LMS upgrade as a sales tactic. This team also includes former EVERFI employees, whose actions—while at EVERFI—weren’t always in the best interest of EVERFI or its higher education customers, according to other employees’ experience with them.

The Choice Is Clear for Our Customers and Higher Education
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When we added EVERFI’s higher education business to the Vector Solutions family, our intent was to provide the best-in-class CPN and Vector Solutions content that customers love and trust, delivered in our state-of-the-art LMS, used by nearly 10 million learners annually. And to deliver a program that is built to meet your goals—whether your objective is compliance, prevention, or institutional performance.

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