Jeff Gordon

Chief Executive Officer

Areas of Expertise:

– Scaling a tech business

– Strategy development and execution

– LMS Revolution

– Intelligence and performance

Vector Solutions CEO Jeff Gordon has spent his career driving real-time intelligence solutions that enable growth for businesses. With over 20 years of experience growing companies and innovating the way we work and live, he is a leader in the technology and software industry, recognized by IBM and holding 7 U.S. technology patents. He has a passion for creating software that changes the way people interact with knowledge and the world. As a strong believer in customer focus, operational excellence, and innovation, he also places tremendous value on employees, simultaneously coaching and challenging them to reach full potential. For media inquiries and requests for speaking engagements, contact us here.

Gary Weisenborn

Chief Information Officer

Areas of Expertise:

-Aligning technology to deliver business value

-Mergers and Acquisitions: Integrating technology teams

-Strategic outsourcing – best practices

-Managing technology driven changes

Gary Weisenborn is the Chief Information Officer for Vector Solutions and is responsible for managing the company’s technology systems and operations. Weisenborn has several years of leadership experience as a senior IT executive, CIO and head of product development with MCI, Verizon (Bell Atlantic), ADP, Convergys, and Syniverse Technologies. He has built and led global multicultural software development teams, delivered several large-scale enterprise software initiatives enabling business transformation, executed mergers and acquisitions, and managed relationships with major suppliers. Weisenborn has also served on the advisory boards for two consulting and professional services firms along with running his own consultancy group. For media inquiries and requests for speaking engagements, contact us here.

Victoria Zambito

SVP of Content & Communications

Areas of Expertise:

-Building a team, focus on people

-The evolution of the LMS

-Predictive, data-driven learning

-The transformation of learner-center education

-The growth of Vector Solutions

As a member of the Vector Solutions executive team, Victoria Zambito is responsible for successfully growing the highly profitable online education business since she joined the company in 2000. As Senior Vice President of Content and Communications, she is responsible for aligning and rationalizing the extensive library of 7,600 courses across multiple brands, as well as enhancing, standardizing and modernizing all content. She also focuses on centralizing strategic communications and public relations as the company seeks to develop its brand globally. Prior to this, Zambito led the Product Management and Marketing functions where she drove creative, agile solutions to deliver products, supported sales pipeline development, and developed brand awareness and demand generation. For media inquiries and requests for speaking engagements, contact us here.

Tammy Daigle

SVP of Customer Experience

Areas of Expertise:

-Customer support modernization

-Customer experience and managing through life cycle

-Product management best practices

-Self-care vs self-service: delivering support how and when clients want it

-360- view of the customer: leveraging data and history to predict client needs

-Personalized contextual customer service

Tammy Daigle is responsible for account management, client support, and program management. Her focus is helping Vector Solutions customers understand and use eLearning technology to better serve their own employees and customers as well as improve operations. She has worked in the technology and communications fields for more than 25 years and started three successful businesses: a technology consulting firm, a social networking website and a strategic consulting service for nonprofits. Daigle has mentored countless high school and college students as well as junior executives in technology and science careers, developed award-winning communications and engineering systems, and led multi-million-dollar certified project management initiatives. For media inquiries and requests for speaking engagements, contact us here.

David Brown

EVP, Commercial

Areas of Expertise:

-ROI for learning organizations

-Best practices to optimize client satisfaction

-SaaS customer service model

-Client Retention strategy

-Building an A-list sales organization

As EVP of the Commercial Business Unit, David Brown focuses his attention on improving service and responsiveness to clients, increasing the adhesion of product offerings, and creating an innovative company vision. With more than 20 years of experience as a global sales leader with technology and media companies, he believes these initiatives will expand sales opportunities at the global enterprise level, improve client renewal rates, and strengthen the Vector Solutions brand. Brown has a successful track record in international P&L, startup sales and growth activity with ASPs, SaaS and Cloud B2B businesses in Toronto, Chicago, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, and more. He is the proud recipient of the 2015 American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Sales Culture Award for his dedication to promoting and preserving company sales culture, fostering a culture of learning, and encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit. For media inquiries and requests for speaking engagements, contact us here.

Brian Taylor

EVP, Education

Areas of Expertise:

-Safety & compliance in Education

-Product creation/innovation

-Training engagement and enrichment

-Building a strong compliance program

-Active shooter prevention training

-Bullying/Cyberbullying prevention training

Brian Taylor holds the position of Executive Vice President with the Education Business Unit designed to help create safer, more inclusive schools and colleges. His career began at Thomson Learning, where he was first introduced to educational software. In 1999, he entered into entrepreneurship, co-founding netTrekker, an academic search engine still popular today. Taylor then co-founded Scenario Learning, which was acquired by Vector Solutions in 2017 and integrated into the Education Business Unit. He holds degrees from Judson University, Xavier University, and executive education from Columbia University. For media inquiries and requests for speaking engagements, contact us here.

Marc Scheipe

EVP, Public Sector

Areas of Expertise:

-Training and public safety

-Operational excellence, best practices in the public sector

-Training engagement and enrichment

-Building a strong compliance program

-Process improvement via sales and operational leadership

Marc Scheipe is General Manager of the Public Sector Business Unit (BU) overseeing the TargetSolutions (TS) brand with Vector Solutions. He focuses on defining the growth strategy for TS and managing key functional areas within the BU including sales, marketing, account management and product management. Scheipe’s work on TS also includes P&L responsibility, policy and process development, brand building, and team member coaching and development. Prior to Vector, Scheipe was the leader of an $800MM operating region for Sage Software as President, North America. Marc brings more than 20 years of experience in financial management, strategy development, process improvement, and sales/operations leadership. For media inquiries and requests for speaking engagements, contact us here.


Jim Nulsen

VP, Strategic Partnerships, Education

Areas of Expertise:

-Trends in eLearning

-Strategic Partnerships with Risk Pools and Insurance Organizations

-Preventative Risk Management through Training

-LMS Integration

-Training Incentive Programs

-Training Sponsorships

Jim Nulsen is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships with Vector Solution’s Education Business Unit, which oversees such well-known brands as SafeSchools, SafeColleges, and TeachPoint. During his 13-year tenure, Nulsen has led the sales and marketing efforts through initial stages of growth. He works closely with insurance and risk organizations to successfully implement Web-based safety, compliance, and risk prevention programs for policyholders. Driving utilization of online training, incident reporting, and chemical management programs has been vital to helping partners retain and grow business. For media inquiries and requests for speaking engagements, contact us here.


Michael Schreiner, PMP

Senior Director of Content

Areas of Expertise:

-Project management

-Instructional design

-Content development

The brain science of learning

-Microlearning and mobile app development

-AR/VR and new innovations in online learning

Michael Schreiner is Senior Director of Content with Vector Solutions and is a Learning & Human Performance Improvement professional with over 20 years of experience leading the functional and strategic activities of learning and development teams. Within his work, his core strengths are in the areas of human performance improvement, instructional design, people, project and change management. As a Project Management Professional (PMP) certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI), he is intensely focused on his teams delivering quality learning solutions on time, within budget, and within scope. Michael is adept at aligning performance improvement solutions to a company’s long-term goals and value proposition. For media inquiries and requests for speaking engagements, contact us here.

Jeffrey Dalto

Content Developer, Commercial

Areas of expertise:

-Instructional Design & Evidence-Based Training

-Industrial & Manufacturing Safety Training

-Online Safety Training & ANSI Z490.2 Standard on Online Safety Training

-Leveraging Safety for Organizational Behavior & Change

Jeffrey Dalto is a learning events designer who works for RedVector – Convergence Training as a content developer. Dalto has more than 20 years professional experience creating online training, which includes work for schools, private industry, and government. He’s worked in safety training for more than 10 years, is an OSHA Authorized Trainer for General Industry 10 and 30 Hour Training. He is also currently a member of the sub-committee creating the upcoming ANSI/ASSE Z490.2 standard for online EHS training. Dalto is the primary author of the Convergence Training blog, where he shares tips and resources on safety, training, safety training, manufacturing training, and more, and he speaks on similar issue at conferences around the U.S. You can read and follow his blog here. For media inquiries and requests for speaking engagements, contact us here.

Tim Riley

Product Specialist, Public Sector

Areas of Expertise:

-Training and public safety

-Training engagement and enrichment

-Improving your ISO rating

Twenty-one years of service with Dunedin Fire Department in Pinellas County Florida; retired as the Division Chief of Training, creator of the ISO Training Tracker, associated Custom Activities and various other qualification programs on the TargetSolutions platform while a client with TargetSolutions. Present responsibilities include training fire department personnel across the country on how to get the most out of their TargetSolutions platform. Provide site analysis and cleanup for departments preparing for an ISO inspection. Create new Taskbooks to satisfy client needs for personnel development. Assist in identifying platform areas of no or minimal usage by clients, to improve their utilization of the entire TargetSolutions platform. For media inquiries and requests for speaking engagements, contact us here.