February Roundup: Best of Blogs

If you feel like 2020 is flying by, you’re not alone. 

That’s why you should take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, and take some time to catch up on the latest Vector Solutions blogs – all neatly compiled right here for you. Enjoy!

Vector Solutions: 5 Skills Companies Want in 2020

“Thanks to the relentless pace of tech advancements (remember the incredible iPhone x? That was three years ago!), new skill gaps are popping up every day. Resources like eLearning and trends in microlearning are providing more opportunities than ever before to develop skills that can transform your career and the success of your organization, too. The job market’s unquenchable demand for tech skills has created an increasingly popular alternative to pursuing a traditional degree, allowing learners to quickly leverage opportunities and advance their careers on their terms. 

“Here are the top 5 emerging skills to keep your career blazing in 2020, and a course recommendation to help you master it.”

Convergence Training: OSHA and CDC Provide Helpful Guidance and Information on Coronavirus

“As you no doubt know, the new coronavirus is spreading across the globe and US government officials have said it’s not a question of IF coronavirus will spread in the US, but rather WHEN (and also, what the consequences will be).

“We are not medical experts or public health authorities, so we thought the best thing we could do was point you toward some people who know what they’re talking about: the CDC and OSHA, both of whom have created helpful resources for you.”

SafeSchools: School Violence Report: Identification & Prevention are Key

“The U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) analyzed 41 incidents of targeted K-12 school violence that occurred from 2008-2017. The biggest takeaway – most of the school shootings that occurred with preventable. ‘These are not sudden, impulsive acts where a student suddenly gets disgruntled. The majority of these incidents are preventable,’ said NTAC Chief Lina Alathari. Furthermore, the NTAC found that many of these tragedies ‘could have been avoided if the school systems had implemented prevention measures to identify students of concern and assess their potential risk for engaging in violence or other harmful activities.’

Read more about other key findings from the School Violence Report, and learn how our SafeSchools Online Training System can help better prepare schools to prevent school violence. 

SafeColleges: Five Strategies to Better Manage Marijuana Use

“More and more states are legalizing recreational marijuana, which means that if you don’t live in a state where it’s legal, you might soon. And, as new laws are written or modified, it is best that institutions fully understand marijuana and how to best address it with their campus community. 

“Believe it or not, marijuana isn’t as widely used on campus as you may hear and often the numbers are overestimated. Roughly, only about one-third of students use marijuana in an entire year. However, we still recommend that you educate your campus community on facts and effects of marijuana use.”

Read more to get marijuana facts and stats, and learn how you can use SafeColleges Online Training System to educate students on the truths and myths of marijuana use. 

TeachPoint: Managing Professional Growth by Integrating Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs), Evaluations, and PD Tracking into a Single Online Solution

“During a Vector Solutions Power Play Education Series event in Tampa, Florida, Mark MacLean, Superintendent of Schools at SAU #46 in New Hampshire presented strategies to manage professional growth by integrating individual professional development plans (IPDPs), evaluations, and PD tracking into a single online solution.

“Prior to TeachPoint, the evaluation system at SAU #46 focused on beginning teachers. Seasoned educators would sometimes go decades without formal feedback. Mark and his team were searching for an online solution that was efficient, intuitive, and flexible. They were also searching for an entrepreneurial company that would suit the districts’ needs and allow them to break away from the ‘great paper chase.’”

Learn more about how SAU #46 used TeachPoint to get their professional development plans back on track. 

Exceptional Child: Collaborative IEP Meetings

“The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires each child in a public school who receives special education and related services to have an individualized education program. The IEP is an instructional plan that’s based on a child’s individual needs and specifies the supports and services the school will provide to meet them. 

“Decisions in IEP meetings are not made by one person in authority or majority rule. Instead, IEP teams advocate for students by collaboration by consensus. This means that the team works together toward a common objective and makes decisions by consensus, or agreement by all involved.”

Learn more about Exceptional Child’s IEP resources that offer courses on compliance, team collaboration, laws surrounding IEPs, and more.

IndustrySafe: How to Properly Use Job Safety Observations

“One of the most debated topics in the safety industry is the effectiveness of behavior based safety (BBS) programs. The idea behind BBS programs is to improve workplace safety by correcting employee behavior through job safety observations. However, many skeptics claim these safety observations only play the blame game, and don’t actually improve employee behavior.

“While there are many pros and cons of behavior based safety programs, often times these programs fail because of poor implementation. This article will provide guidance on how to properly use safety observations that result in improvement.”

TargetSolutions: Harassment and Discrimination Prevention in Public Safety

“Workplace harassment and discrimination can cost organizations millions, not just in lawsuit claims, but also in loss of productivity, turnover and other negative consequences. In the fiscal year 2018, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) secured more than $500 million for victims – resolving more than 90,500 cases.

“When discrimination happens in public safety agencies such as fire, EMS or police departments, there are also additional considerations due to public perception. With this, TargetSolutions makes it simple to put together an anti-discrimination program for your organization.

“Using the TargetSolutions learning management system (LMS), departments can build a comprehensive harassment prevention credential using TargetSolutions’ online training courses and anti-harassment policy template.”

Learn more about TargetSolutions’ courses for discrimination and workplace harassment prevention.