June Roundup: Best of National Safety Month Blogs

National Safety Month might officially be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done talking about safety. And because safety – and saving lives – is part of our mission here at Vector Solutions, we’ve decided to dedicate June’s blog roundup to all things safety, including all the safety tools and resources Vector has available for clients to reduce risk and improve performance. 

So don’t fret if you missed some important safety tips last month. We’ve rounded up the best of the best for you right here – enjoy!

Vector Solutions: Innovation Spotlight: Virtual Reality As A Safety Training Tool

“As we’ve covered before, technology-assisted learning and training can significantly reduce accidents and costs. In fact, VR allows learners to engage in environments that reflect various real-world scenarios, including dangerous ones, without any exposure to significant risk factors.

“As members of the Vector Solutions Innovation Council, Amy Watson and Ben Wilson have paved the way for several Vector VR applications and believe that VR holds many benefits for learners and organizations.

“‘ Virtual reality allows learners to train in a controlled safe environment, and doesn’t expose them to dangerous hazards like heavy machinery or chemicals that you might find at a real-world training exercise practiced at a construction site or in a manufacturing facility,’ explains Ben, Vector’s Manager of Content. ‘This controlled atmosphere allows learners to practice their skills over and over – without risk – until they have mastered or completed their training.’”

Read more to find out how Vector Solutions’ VR innovations are transforming safety culture and training in the workplace. 

SafeSchools: Hartford Public Schools Reaches 97% Completion Rate For Safety And Compliance 

Hartford Public Schools is the largest public school district in Connecticut, with over 20,000 students and 3,000 employees in 46 schools. Since 2017, staff members have completed almost 24,000 SafeSchools Training courses!

“Before adopting SafeSchools Training, Hartford held large group meetings for trainings, but they felt like it was a waste of valuable time. Plus, only 50% of their staff were taking the mandatory trainings. After using SafeSchools Training for two years, they now have a 97% completion rate! And, staff can now take their trainings online, when it’s most convenient for their schedule.”

Read more to find out how Hartford Public Schools is using the SafeSchools Online Training System to increase safety training completion rates. 

TargetSolutions: National Safety Month 2019: Training for Safety at Work

“Every June is National Safety Month. This time of year promotes awareness and safety strategies to prevent leading causes of injuries and death in the workplace. Each week focuses on a different source of risk for the work environment and offers tips for improving safety in your organization.

“TargetSolutions is recognizing this month by highlighting key safety and compliance training courses related to the themes of National Safety Month 2019. These online courses are designed to help reduce risk for the thousands of agencies using TargetSolutions’ dynamic training and operations management system.”

Read more about TargetSolutions’ National Safety Month-themed courses and how they can help reduce risk for public safety agencies.

Convergence Training: Free Job Hazard Analysis Guide

“Recently, we published an extensive article titled What Is a Job Hazard Analysis? And we followed that up with a companion piece that explains How to Do a Job Hazard Analysis.

“We wanted to follow those popular articles up with a free job hazard analysis guide that you can use to lead you through your own JHAs at work. And now we’ve done that.”

Read more to access and use Convergence Training’s Free Job Hazard Analysis Guide to stay safe in the workplace. 

RedVector: National Safety Month Resources, Week 4: Impairment

“Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of unintentional death in the United States by far. More people are dying from drug overdoses today than from gun homicides and motor vehicles combined. Yet, less than a fifth of employers said they felt ‘extremely prepared’ to deal with prescription drug abuse in their workplace.

“Workers in construction and extraction experience the highest rates of substance use disorders, with 15.6% of employees on average living with a substance use disorder, according to the National Safety Council.

“Research has shown that behavioral health treatment and training can empower people to live better lives. Employers who bring workplace health tools to their employees are well-served by thinking strategically around a total health approach.”

Read more to learn about the Drug Abuse Training offered in RedVector’s Workplace Essentials Curriculum.

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