October Roundup: Best of Blogs

It’s hard to believe we are already entering the home stretch of 2020 – not that that’s a bad thing! In case you missed any Vector news while you were too busy (safely) celebrating Halloween and all things fall, we’ve rounded up our top blogs for you right here – enjoy!

Vector Solutions: Why You Are Thinking of Cybersecurity All Wrong

“Cybersecurity is a buzz word we hear thrown around all the time, but, like so many areas of our business, creating a resilient security posture is not a set-it-and-forget-it task. Cybersecurity is more important than ever, as the pandemic forced many businesses towards virtual and remote operations, a shift that has exposed our vulnerabilities to hackers and data breaches.

“In honor of National Cybersecurity Month, we spoke with Greg Surla, Vector’s Chief Information Security Officer, to learn more about what drew him to this exciting field, the common mistakes organizations make when approaching their cybersecurity strategy, and how you can improve your resilience in this critical area.”

Read on to get the top tips for improving your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Convergence Training: COVID-19 and Mental Health in Construction & Other High-Risk Industries

“In an earlier recorded discussion with Cal Beyer, we learned that the construction industry had very high rates of stress, depression, substance use and abuse, and suicide (see Why Mental Health and Suicide Prevention is the Next Frontier in the Construction Industry Safety).

“And then, to add insult to injury, the COVID-19 pandemic came along, adding virus-related health concerns, economic and job-security stresses, and more concerns. This has made the situation worse, not better.

“We keep tabs with Cal on social media (follow Cal on LinkedIn here) and have been listening in as he continues to raise awareness about this long-term issue and how the COVID-19 pandemic has been making things worse, and so we decided to ask him to join us, tell us about the situation, and tell us what we can do to try to help.”

Check out the recorded discussion here.

Exceptional Child: ADHD in the Classroom

“October in ADHD Awareness Month. Perhaps you have a student (or several students) who has difficulty staying focused and paying attention. The student struggles to control their impulses or seems overly active. For many school staff members, disruptions and challenges caused by a child diagnosed with ADHD are a common occurrence.

“In fact, surveys suggest that teachers view disruptive behavior as the most challenging classroom problem, and it’s the most common reason that teachers or parents refer children for mental health or educational services.

“Nearly all school staff members – not just teachers – interact with students with ADHD. If you haven’t yet worked with a child with an ADHD diagnosis, chances are you will. Understanding the disorder, how it manifests in children, and learning techniques to help children with an ADHD diagnosis will enable you to help them succeed in school.”

Read on to learn more about ADHD and guidelines to help distinguish between a student who may have ADHD and one who does not.

SafeColleges: Four Steps to Address Racial Injustice at Your Institution

“In light of national events related to racial injustice, colleges and universities will need to deal with two key questions:

How will your campus change post-pandemic?
What should campuses be doing differently to respond to the movement against systemic racism?

“Here is a list of steps educational institutions can take to prepare for asking and answering these questions.”

SafeSchools: Webinar: Developing Proactive Strategies to Improve School Climate

“In this session, Dr. Myron Anderson and Dr. Kathryn Young, authors of Fix Your Climate: A Practical Guide to Reducing Microaggressions, Microbullying, and Bullying in the Academic Workplace, discussed strategies to get ahead of microaggressions and bullying on K-12 and college/university campuses to improve school climate.”

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use the 4-way implementation model to address microaggression and bullying at your schools, districts, and campuses, and more.

IndustrySafe: How to Write a Safety Incident Report

“An incident report provides all essential information about an accident or near miss that’s taken place. A complete incident investigation form should contain the following elements:

  • Worker Characteristics
  • Injury / Illness Characteristics
  • Description and Sequencing of Events
  • Time factors and working conditions
  • Description of task(s) being performed when the
    incident occurred
  • Characteristics of any equipment associated with the
  • Supervision information
  • Causal factors
  • Recordings and photos
  • Corrective Action

“This article will help you to thoroughly document each of these components and create a detailed report of workplace incidents.”

TargetSolutions: Vector Solutions Offers Complimentary Training to Benefit American Cancer Society and the First Responder Center for Excellence

“Vector Solutions, a leader in training and operations management solutions for the fire service through its TargetSolutions brand, is offering complimentary access to two of its most important online training courses, NFPA 1851 – Cancer-Related Risks of Firefighting and Mental Health Awareness for Emergency Responders. Vector Solutions will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society and the First Responder Center for Excellence for completions of the respective courses for the rest of 2020.”

Read more to learn about these two complimentary trainings and the organizations they benefit.