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Why More Companies Are Using Risk Intelligence Communication Platforms

This year has presented some unprecedented challenges to how we communicate with each other, especially when it comes to ensuring that we’re sharing and receiving updated, accurate information. The ability to engage in effective risk communication is critical to the health of our organizations, particularly when internal teams are receiving or relying on information from varied external sources. Similarly, when employees don’t know when or how to report incidents – or who to report them to – it’s much more difficult to protect our organizations. The good news is – there’s tech for that! Learn how companies are employing mobile platforms to communicate effectively with their stakeholders and mitigate risk to their organization.

Top Benefits Of A Risk Intelligence Communication Platform

livesafe risk prevention platformSafety and security reporting platforms are an incredibly effective tool that enable organizations to engage in two-way communication about potential hazards or incidents and surface actionable risk intelligence. Here are some of the ways that risk management platforms can help organizations identify early warning insights and address their potential impacts.

Provides A Single Source of Truth

As organizations rely on both on-site and remote workers, communicating clearly has never been more important. Risk intelligence platforms allow organizations to communicate quickly and effectively about a variety of risks, such as ever-evolving COVID-19 health screening procedures and regulations, while maintaining privacy and security.

Here’s an example: our leading mobile platform for safety and security risk reporting, Vector LiveSafe, allows for an organization’s safety and security materials to be accessible with or without internet connectivity, so users are able to access the information they need quickly and easily.

Allows You To Work Preventatively

Risk communication is not just for emergency situations; it is equally important in the routine day-to-day at our companies. For example, although sexual harassment incidents or mental health concerns are typically not single, emergency events, they are equally critical to the long-term health and success of our organizations.

Risk intelligence platforms also enable organizations to gather data early and often; whereas an employee might delay reporting an incident, or not know who to turn to, the AI and intelligent routing in a high-quality risk communication platform can ensure that incidents are quickly and effectively reported, analyzed and addressed.

Safety communication platforms allow you to gain insight into your data through analytics to improve your response time and systems, and to help you strategically predict events before they happen.

It’s Mobile-Friendly

Whether your staff is back on site, remote, or a mix of both, they’re never going to be on site all the time. The mobile-friendly nature of risk communication platforms allows you to share accurate, updated information with the intended audience regardless of their location.

Mobile accessibility also allows companies to utilize geofencing for messaging, so that they can communicate only with a select audience within a specific physical location for a set period of time.

In addition, risk intelligence platforms often call upon typical mobile device features, such as maps. For example, LiveSafe’s Safety Map displays company-specific security and logistical information, such as the location of security offices. As users are already using their mobile devices for directions and maps, it’s an easy way to serve additional, useful information in a way they’re accustomed to receiving it, which facilitates adoption and compliance.

Allows For Two-Way Communication Seamlessly

Gone are the days (thankfully) of the phone tree! Safety features like check-in prompts are an example of how risk communication platforms make it easy for employees to take action and get important information to their companies without relying on individual communication. Risk communication platforms employ smart, simple functions like one-touch emergency options to quickly connect your employees to your security teams or to 9-1-1.

It’s all about integration; a high-quality risk communication platform should integrate seamlessly into existing apps so that users don’t have to download a specific application to use it. This increases engagement and reach.

Mitigating Risk Is A Daily Objective

Risk mitigation communication is a living, breathing part of our business world and extends far beyond the standalone crisis event that we usually imagine. Workplace injury, unauthorized persons, sexual harassment and other less visible concerns can be just as destructive to the health and success of our employees and our organizations as a whole. A risk communication platform empowers your employees to provide anonymous information that can protect your company. It also allows for critical two-way communication that is necessary to prevent, address, track and report on incidents quickly and safely. Learn more about Vector LiveSafe, our powerful risk intelligence communication platform.