What Is Microlearning?

Recalling an individual skill while out in the field can mean the difference between a job incident and performing effectively. In many cases, time is of the essence.

Adapted for today’s learning demands, “microlearning” uses easily-accessible, bite-sized lessons that professionals can better retain and refer to quickly on the job. Essentially, microlearning improves the comprehension of full-length training courses using one- to three-minute hyper-focused objective videos that can be reviewed on an as-needed basis.

Each objective is a key point from a course, which employees can use as a refresher on their training rather than rely solely on memory. This puts learners in control of the information they review to better complete tasks.

For example, before heading out on a call, firefighters can go over procedures or refresh their memories on specific equipment for the environment they’re going into. Potentially, a firefighter is attaching a hose on a type of fire hydrant he or she hasn’t used before but remembers it from a training course. Using microlearning, rather than sorting through an array of slides inside an hour-long course, the firefighter can look up the proper procedure in a brief video or diagram.

With microlearning, audiences are more easily able to consume and retain information. Available in a simple app, learners have the microlearning performance support they need at their fingertips. This delivery of information means lessons are quicker to access at a moment’s notice. For the organization, this can fewer overall mistakes on the job, and a lower long-term cost of training.

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