10 Key Training Topics for Paraeducators


10 Key Training Topics for Paras

Paraeducators play an important role in supporting instruction, especially for students with exceptionalities. Dr. Kent Gerlach, nationally recognized expert on paraeducator professional development and Exceptional Child course author, recommends training on these key topics to help them be successful!

  1. Paraeducator roles and responsibilities
  2. Clarification of paraeducator vs. supervising teacher roles
  3. Understanding school and/or district policies and procedures
  4. Ethics and professionalism
  5. Confidentially
  6. Teacher and paraeducator teamwork
  7. Assisting and supporting teachers with curriculum and instruction
  8. Handling student behavior
  9. Assisting students with special needs
  10. Understanding IDEA and Section 504

New Online Courses!
The Exceptional Child online professional development system now includes two new courses to help your paraeducators and their supervising teachers.

If you'd like to learn more about the Exceptional Child Online Professional Development System and the training offered for paraeducators and other staff who support students with exceptionalities, click here to request a demo.

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