16 Chinese Language Workforce Training Videos Now Available


We’re excited to announce the release of sixteen new Chinese language safety and workforce training courses for our industrial and manufacturing customers as part of our multilanguage e-learning training library.

These courses are designed to be used within a learning management system (LMS), which lets you assign, deliver, track completion, and run reports. Click here for more information about our learning management systems, or click here to contact us.

Here’s a sample from our new Chinese language Crane and Hoist Rigging course. The full list of new Chinese language titles is below the video–be sure to check that out, too.

New Titles in Our Chinese Language Workforce Training Collection

Click the name of any course below to see a short sample video and get more details about the course (note that the sample will be in English but is also available in Chinese).

Confined Space Awareness
Crane and Hoist Rigging
Electrical Safety
Fall Prevention and Protection
Forklift Safety
Hand and Power Tools
Hazard Communication (1994)
Hot Work Safety
Hydraulic Fluid Safety
Ladder Safety
Lockout Tagout
Machine Guarding Safety
Overhead Industrial Crane Basics and Inspections
Overhead Industrial Crane Operational Safety
Pedestrian Safety
Personal Protective Equipment

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