3 Ways Technology Increases Efficiency in the Construction Industry


Technology has made a huge impact on a number of industries and has created countless new job roles. Digital advances have been especially influential for the construction industry, where productivity has increased as a direct result of new technologies. Check out these three ways that tech advances have improved efficiency in the construction field.

  1. Fewer people are needed to achieve spectacular results

According to the Louisville Business Journal, technology has allowed smaller groups of construction workers to efficiently build high quality structures. The source explained that companies which employed upward of 1,000 workers during World War II were able to reduce their workforces to around 200 employees by mid-century. Now, the same organizations can operate at even higher levels with staffs of 150 or less, largely due to technology.

“You get more production out of fewer people,” Gil Whittenberg, owner of Whittenberg Construction, told the source.

  1. Job sites are safer and more secure

Technology, especially mobile technology, has made it very easy for supervisors to keep tabs on job sites, which inherently improves safety and security. According to ZBrella, before mobile devices gained widespread popularity, workers could easily lie about how many hours they worked, tools and supplies could go missing and unauthorized people could be roaming job sites without permission.

Now, however, there are a plethora of apps and security systems that organizations can use to monitor their projects. Staff feels safer knowing that their work environments are being watched, which help them produce more. Administrators are more aware of day-to-day happenings at all their sites, which is influential in prompting workers to be efficient and keeping costs down.

  1. Entire projects can be mapped out to help with construction management software

Construction management software, a major technological innovation for the building industry, has made the process of mapping out and executing a project much more efficient. Construction Business Review explained that these programs allow managers to design their entire projects digitally, and even provide them with task lists and budget plans.

The source noted that a central way these programs increase productivity is by eliminating excess paperwork – things like order requests and job minutes can be entered digitally. Building-tech-CTA






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