5 Apps for Managing Your Time and Billable Hours


You probably use technology to track various aspects of your life. The amount of steps you take, how many calories you consume. If you’re an architecture, engineering or construction professional who reports billable hours to get paid, you might want to start using your phone to keep track of your work time as well. Storing this important information in one digital, easy-to-access spot will help you cut back on mistakes and allow you to be fully compensated for your valuable time.

Here are five smartphone apps that can help you manage your time and billable working hours.

  1. Toggl
    According to Fast Company magazine, the basic version of this app can be downloaded for free on iPhones and Android while you can pay extra to receive additional time-tracking features. When using Toggl, you simply type in the task you’re doing, start the timer and hit “done” once you’re finished. Toggl allows you to create graphs that display the different projects you’re working on and how much time you’re spending on each one, so you can clearly see which duties are using up most of your work hours.
  2. Tick
    If you always find yourself running out of time, Tick could be the perfect app for you. This program, which was designed with entrepreneurs and small businesses in mind, reminds you of how much time you have left for each duty. Tick’s prompts are meant to help you stay on course and give you plenty of time to regroup or rebudget. Entrepreneur magazine noted that this can be a great tool if you’re in charge of delegating tasks, since you can monitor your employees’ progress as well as your own. This app, which is available for Apple and Android devices, can be purchased at various rates depending on the size of your project.
  3. Eternity
    In dynamic industries like architecture, engineering and construction, professionals rarely adhere to traditional 9-to-5 schedules. While it’s fine to occasionally dabble in your work on nights and weekends, allowing your professional responsibilities to eclipse your personal life can cause you to burn out fairly quickly. If you have a hard time establishing a solid work-life balance, Fast Company recommended downloading Eternity. This app helps you manage your hours in three categories – work, sleep and play – so that you can better divide your days. This app is only available on Apple devices and costs $9.99.
  4. yaTimer
    While yaTimer is a desktop-only app, which means it can’t be downloaded to a mobile phone or tablet, it can be extremely useful for professionals who are juggling numerous projects at once. Entrepreneur explained that this program “caters to the multitasker” and is especially useful for freelancers who are working with multiple organizations. While yaTimer isn’t the most portable or collaborative program available, it’s useful if you’re managing a lot of work and want to monitor it through your desktop.
  5. My Minutes
    If you struggle with time management and working independently, you could benefit from My Minutes, a time-monitoring app that places a focus on setting goals. Fast Company explained that this app, which is free to download on Apple and Android devices, sends you alerts and prompts based on the goals you set at the beginning of the day. Maybe you find yourself spending too much time checking social networks each morning. Set a 30-minute timer on My Minutes, and the app will send you reminders that it’s time to move onto something else. Conversely, if you want to spend an hour brainstorming ideas for a new project and you achieve this goal, the app will commend you for sticking to your schedule.




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