5 Skills Companies Want In 2020


Thanks to the relentless pace of tech advancements (remember the incredible iPhone X? That was three years ago!), new skill gaps are popping up every day. Resources like eLearning and trends in microlearning are providing more opportunities than ever before to develop skills that can transform your career and the success of your organization, too. The job market’s unquenchable demand for tech skills has created an increasingly popular alternative to pursuing a traditional degree, allowing learners to quickly leverage opportunities and advance their careers on their terms.

Top 5 Emerging Skills to Master in 2020

Here are the top 5 emerging skills to keep your career blazing in 2020, and a course recommendation to help you master it.

1. Project Management Certification

Project management is a demanding career, made even more so by the fact that our available tech is constantly changing. Organizations, and their Project Management Professionals (PMPs) have to remain agile to maintain their edge and stay in compliance. Companies are relying on their PMP’s “technology quotient,” or how efficiently they can adapt to master new tech and integrate it successfully into their processes. Whether you’re interested in transitioning to a position as a PMP or trying to stay ahead of the curve on skills and certifications, project management is a skill that can place you in an in-demand position in 2020.

Feeling agile? The Agile Project Management Series will increase your knowledge of the principles and processes involved in the Agile method of project management as organized and suggested by the Project Management Institute (PMI). 

2. Cybersecurity

As fast as our tech advances, the sophistication of cybercrime is advancing right along with it. In fact, damage caused by cybercrime is projected to hit $6 trillion by the end of 2021. Cybersecurity is a growing industry with one static estimating the need to grow by 62% to meet the growing demands of today’s business, including a broad range of positions like Cybersecurity Engineers, Managers, Consultants, Analysis and Network Engineer/Architect.

Psyched about Cybersecurity? This course will give you a foundational overview of cybercrime and cybersecurity, including the effects of cybercrime, types of cyberthreats and how users are vulnerable to them. 

3. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is back as an in-demand skill for 2020. Cloud computing has become part of organizational DNA and is continuously evolving in form and application. Because of this, talented professionals with foundational skills in core elements of cloud computing continue to be highly in demand. And, thanks to new features of modern cloud computing platforms, new skills are constantly emerging, making this a growing job market in 2020. 

Head in the cloud? You’ll love this course on Operating Systems-Cloud Computing and Virtualization, covering everything you need to know about virtualization, client-side virtualization and the benefits and features of cloud computing.

4. Six Sigma

A Six Sigma certification signifies your ability to use clear and defined business methodology to streamline operations, increasing profitability and customer satisfaction. As much as we love tech, if it’s not integrated strategically and holistically it can cause inefficiencies and roadblocks to progress. Six Sigma methodology gives you the ability to help your organization to thrive and grow strategically while remaining agile to technological advancements.

Ready to lead? This course covers the basic concepts of Six Sigma, it’s management methodology, and the techniques and tools needed for process improvements in order to help businesses run more efficiently.

5. Programming

If you think of Silicon Valley when you think about programming, think again. Now more than ever, programmers are in high demand across industries like finance, health care, agriculture, design, retail and more. Think about it: thanks to the “Internet of Things,” even refrigerators and scales are getting connected. There are so many new opportunities within the world of programming, making it one of the most highly sought after emerging skills of 2020.

Programmed for success? Check out this course in Programming for Absolute Beginners will give you the foundational knowledge you need to get started in a programming career. 

2020 is going to be a year full of new technologies and new applications for existing technology like AI, VR and more. By mastering new skills, you can be ready to take advantage of those skill gaps and set yourself apart in the hiring pool, too. Our eLearning courses are designed to help you hone the skills you need to stay competitive in an ever-changing job market and build the career of your dreams.