5 Vector Check It Best Practices For Fire and EMS Departments

5 Vector Check It Best Practices For Fire and EMS Departments

When a call comes in, fire and EMS departments depend on their tools, equipment, and apparatus to keep them and the public safe. It’s for this reason that asset management and inspections are taken so seriously within the industry. One missed inspection can make all the difference during a critical moment.  

While many fire and EMS departments Ambulance and Check-It IPad Preview previously relied on paper forms or Excel spreadsheets for equipment checks and to keep track of inventory, today’s agencies have the benefit of customizable, comprehensive software that takes much of the manual work out of asset management.

That’s where Vector Check It, a centralized operations management software, comes in. By utilizing the web-based version or its mobile app, organizations can easily perform and track inspections, ensure assets are functioning correctly, and identify equipment that requires maintenance.

Reduce Risk, Prevent Waste, and Improve Equipment Uptime and Longevity

Key features of Check It include:

  • 24/7 real-time views of inventory status, quantities, and location
  • In-app maintenance ticketing and vendor communication
  • Comprehensive documentation to ensure accountability and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations for controlled substances
  • Notifications for critical concerns, such inventory expiration dates or low quantities of integral assets
  • Extensive reporting functionality to view trends and performance over time, helping adapt to trends like population growth, and justify budget requests for new assets and equipment

Whether you’re still looking for the right solution for your department, or you’re a Check It pro, we want to make sure our customers are getting the absolute most out of our products. 

Download our white paper, “5 Best Practices to Keep Your Assets Ready, and Your Team Safe” to learn five key ways fire and EMS departments can improve their asset management with Vector Check It. 

Please contact us today to request a demo or learn more about how Vector Solutions can simplify and automate inventory management and asset inspections.

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