5S Methodology Course Now Available


Our busy production department has readied two new courses that are now available. The first is 5S Methodologies.

Is your workplace a mess? Tired of spending hours searching for the right tool? Our new 5S Methodologies course will teach you about the 5S methodology, which focuses on organizing and standardizing the workplace to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Its five principles–sorting, straightening, sweeping, standardizing and sustaining–will make you and your co-workers better prepared to accomplish all of your tasks while being safer and more efficient in the process.

Like all our courses, 5S Methodologies is SCORM-compliant so you can use it in a learning management system (LMS). It features engaging animation including 3D visuals and an audio narration, unscored practice questions, and a scored test at the end to assess learner comprehension. And like our other training courses, you’re going to like it!

Want to take a peek? Check the sample immediately below. Want to get a copy? Right this way.

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