9/11 20th Anniversary: Honoring Lost and Surviving First Responders

9/11 20th Anniversary: Honoring Lost and Surviving First Responders

As we approach the somber 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, our deepest condolences pour out to the brave first responders that were lost or injured, those that continue to suffer long-term effects, and their families.

According to NIST's report in 2005, firefighter deaths account for more than a third of the first responders at the scene, which makes the attacks on 9/11 the deadliest day in history for firefighters. New York Times analysis, also in 2005, suggests roughly 340 firefighters lost their lives in or around the two World Trade Center towers. The Officer Down Memorial Page reports 71 law enforcement officers were killed in the World Trade Center collapse, making it also the deadliest single event for law enforcement officers.

Now, twenty years later, we are still unpacking the devastating impact this tragic day has on the lives of emergency personnel. Reports of World Trade Center-related physical and mental health deaths and illnesses amongst first responders continue to emerge as time passes, from alarming rates of dementia, cancer, lower/upper respiratory disease, PTSD, and more. We may never know the true cost of 9/11 on the lives of first responders, but we will also never forget their heroism.

Vector Solutions sends a heartfelt thank you to all first responders and their families impacted by the horrors of 9/11 for their sacrifice. We encourage using this time as an opportunity to honor the lives of those lost and injured, reflect on lessons learned, and support those first responders still hurting and healing.

Providing agencies with any time, anywhere access to ongoing support and training around emergency personnel physical and mental wellbeing is a priority at Vector Solutions. The following resources and online courses address critical incidents, traumatic stress, and mental health in public safety professionals.

Online Resources

Vector LMS Training Platform Online Courses

  • EMS Workplace Stress
  • Mental Health for First Responders (EMS focused)
  • NFPA 1500 - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the Fire Department
  • Officer Survival - Physiological Response to Stress
  • Patrol - Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Understanding Fatigue for Law Enforcement
  • The Fundamentals of Stress 101
  • The Fundamentals of Stress 201
  • Smart Mental Health: Reducing Stress and Anxiety
  • Workplace Stress (General audience)

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