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Sadly, shootings, gun violence, and gun-related killings are a part of our culture and society. That’s true in all walks of life, including in the workplace and at schools.

That reality means it’s important for every workplace to know what to do if an active shooter is in their site of work. To help your organization create a plan, we’ve just released our new Active Shooter Response online training course.

The course will explain best actions to take when an active shooter is in the workplace and also describe how to interact with law enforcement officers or other first responders who arrive on the scene.

Read on to learn more about our active shooter response course. We’ve included a short sample video and a list of the course learning objectives to help you evaluate it for your workplace.

Here’s a quick sample video from the new Active Shooter Response online training course.

The learning objectives for this new online active shooter response training course are:

  • State the approximate number of mass shootings since 2010 in the US
  • Describe the value of having an active shooter response plan at work
  • List three major components of an active shooter response plan
  • Describe some best practices for interacting with law enforcement officers during an active shooter situation

This course is one title in our HR Compliance & Soft Skills online training library. The library includes some other related courses that might help you avoid an active shooter situation, such as Stress Management and Prevention, Conflict Management, and Violence in the Workplace.

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