August Roundup: Best of Blogs

August Roundup: Best of Blogs

And just like that, summer is essentially over.

The kids are back in school. The summer decorations and beach attire are replaced with Halloween decorations and all of our favorite fall wardrobe staples. 

Maybe you missed a blog or two while you were busy soaking up the last days of summer vacation?

Not to worry! We’ve got all of the latest news from Vector Solutions right here in our August Blog Roundup. From back to school safety to workplace wellness to a new behavior based safety application, we cover it all. And we’re excited to include the newest member of the Vector family in this month’s round-up: IndustrySafe! 


Vector Solutions: Why Workplace Wellness Matters

“Workplace wellness is knowing your employer is keeping you safe. It’s providing employees resources for mental health, healthy living, and true work-life balance.

“Wellness is what comes as a result of an employer focused on safety.

“From promoting work-life balance, to providing mental health resources and support, to giving access to education and training, to encouraging and supporting employees to participate in health and wellness activities, such as step challenges, water challenges, and fitness activities, there is no shortage of opportunities for companies to foster and promote wellness in the workplace.”

Read more about mental health, safety, and wellness in the workplace so both you and your employees can be of sound mind and body. 

IndustrySafe: Behavior Based Safety Mobile App Coming This Fall 

“Coming this fall, IndustrySafe mobile app users will have the ability to record employee observations through our Behavior Based Safety Observations software, in addition to inspections and incidents.

“Subscribers of the Observations software will be able to use the app to count observed safe/unsafe acts and conditions with behavior based safety checklists. Observation checklists can be downloaded for field use and then uploaded directly to the IndustrySafe software once an internet connection is established.”

Read more about the features and functionality of this exciting expansion to the IndustrySafe Mobile App. 

SafeSchools: Top 5 Back-To-School Safety Concerns

“Providing students with a positive, safe learning environment is always top of mind for districts and school administrators. But, with so many threats towards overall school safety, how can your district know what to focus on? Based on recurring themes from news headlines we’ve seen this past year, we’ve compiled a list of top safety concerns for back-to-school, which include: Bullying/Cyberbullying, Suicide, Vaping, Sexual Harassment, and Cybersecurity.”

Read more about these critical topics for back-to-school safety and the courses available for both staff and students to tackle them.

SafeColleges: Four Areas to Focus Prevention Efforts / Back to School

“As administrators begin to make their final preparations for students to move back onto campus, we suggest reviewing prevention initiatives in these four critical areas:

  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Inclusivity
  • Mental Wellness
  • Sexual Violence

“Each of these areas represents a critical topic that can greatly impact a student’s wellbeing on campus.

“It’s important for institutions to develop strategic prevention initiatives each academic year and provide resources, such as prevention education, to help students better understand and prepare for situations that may arise during their time on campus.”

Read more about how SafeColleges is helping students tackle these important topics.

Exceptional Child: Back-to-School Professional Development Areas to Prepare Educators for Supporting Students with Exceptionalities

“As students and teachers make their way back to school, preparing for a smooth transition and successful year is important. Students with exceptionalities entering the classroom face new and familiar challenges and the demand on educators to skillfully support these students is rising. More than 60% of students ages 6 through 21 served under IDEA, Part B, are educated inside the regular classroom 80% or more of the day. (U.S. Department of Education Report on IDEA).

“According to a recent study released by the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), and Understood, at least one-third of teachers report that they have not participated in PD on learning and attention issues. Special education training is important for all staff and these topics for training can help general education teachers and their students succeed this year.”

Read more about how Exceptional Child’s Online Professional Development System can easily deliver evidence-based, special education-related training to educators who support students with exceptionalities.

TargetSolutions: Recorded Webinar: Best Practices for Managing Controlled Substance

TargetSolutions Check It™  is the only asset and operations management solution for mission-critical industries that is integrated with TargetSolutions’ online training management system. Accessible via the mobile application or from any web-enabled device, this system allows agencies to streamline maintenance and inspections for apparatus, equipment, medical supplies, and now, controlled substances.”

Download the webinar to learn how your ALS department can securely track and manage everything related to controlled substances.

Convergence Training: Online Contractor Orientation Buyers Guide: Tips & Free Download

Convergence Training’s free Online Contractor Orientation Buyer’s Guide includes “solid recommendations of the kind of stuff you should be looking for if you want to get your site-specific orientation materials online and get an online tool for self-registration, assignments, online delivery, crediting, tracking, reporting, notifications, and more.”

Download your free guide now and learn more about best practices for contractor management.

RedVector: Core and Architecture Enhancements in Revit 2020 ( Guest Blog by Jason Boehning and Katie Watton)

“Revit remains at the center when it comes to BIM authoring tools and continues to change the landscape of the AEC industry.

“In Revit 2020, there are multiple enhancements that we believe will be valuable to help software users improve workflows. Several of them were ideas submitted by Revit users on the Autodesk forum Revit Ideas page.”

Read more to learn how users will benefit from these Revit enhancements.

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