Better Mining Safety Training Visuals for New Miners: Using Visuals to Increase Learning


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Want your newly hired miners to really remember their training? Need to train a worker to perform a new task, such as operating a dozer, and later know how to perform that task in the field? Want to find a way to speed-up that process of remembering and learning?

If so, this post is for you, my friend.

Getting a newly hired miner up to speed on all of the critical aspects of mining and mining safety is a tough job. If you’re a safety manager in charge of safety training at a mine site, you already know this.

But what should you do about it? One of the smartest things you can do is to use training methods that are PROVEN to work better with learners who are new to the content area. In this case, that means new to safety issues related to working at your mine, and/or related to working a specific task at your mine site.

We’ll be writing a series of articles explaining different techniques for getting these “novice learners” up to speed in the coming weeks. In this post, we’ll look at one of the most effective: using visuals in your mining training.

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Visuals Make Mining Safety Training Materials More Effective

Learning experts have conducted many studies that begin with two groups of people, both novices in a specific content area. Each group was trained on the same topic, and that training covered all the same concepts using the exact same words. However, the training provided to one group included no visuals, while the training provided to the other group included visuals.

After the training, the people in each group were given tests to determine what they learned. The results were dramatic–the people who completed training that included visuals learned significantly more than the people in the other group did.

(See note at bottom of article for source information.)

Examples of Powerful Visuals for Effective Mining Safety Training

Well-designed safety training visuals can definitely make it easier for miners to learn important mining safety topics more quickly and more comprehensively.

For example, check out the small sample below taken from a Physical Characteristics of Surface Mines online training course. You can see for yourself–no pun intended–how much more effective the visuals make this safety training on surface mine characteristics.

Here’s another sample video, this one taken from a mining safety online training course introducing Typical Surface Mining Equipment.

You can imagine how well this could of mining safety training with rich visuals would work for other mining safety training topics, too.

Visuals for General Safety Training

As you might guess, if rich and compelling visuals are good for mining safety training, they’re good for general safety training too.
For example, check this short sample from our Forklift Safety eLearning course.

Or check a few highlights from several of our online safety training courses in the video below.

How to Make Your Own Effective Visuals for Mining Safety Training

You can use this tip when you’re creating training materials on your own–just remember to add relevant visuals to your training materials. Or, you can work with a training provider to add media-rich training materials with visuals to supplement the training materials you already have.

If you want some tips for doing this on your own, check out the following posts, both of which give a LOT of information about this:

Let us know if you’d like to get more information about our online MSHA training course options, including:

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