Beyond the LMS: 5 Ways A Complete Performance Optimization Approach Transforms e-Learning

How do you keep your workforce up-to-speed in our ever-changing, modern business environment? Yes, integrating the Learning Management Systems (LMS) is the first critical step. However, with constant changes in compliance requirements, new information and training opportunities, a static program can quickly become outdated, leaving your teams in a position where they can’t access information quickly and efficiently, and without the skills to keep up. 

The solution? 

A comprehensive, performance optimization approach layers on top of the strong foundation the LMS provides, to give your workforce the ability to not just become compliant and certified, but to continuously learn, improve existing skills, acquire new ones, and incorporate this educational advancement into their day-to-day work. 

5 Benefits of Enhancing the LMS with Performance Support Tools 

1. Integrates Seamlessly with the Existing LMS

Modern automated performance support is designed to complement and enhance the impact of the LMS your organization has already invested in. It’s also adaptable to your organization’s needs and allows your workforce to participate on their terms. 

Whether your teams need informal, learn-as-you-go options to specific, formal training in compliance and regulations for on-the-job application, performance support tools make the material accessible and adaptable. 

2. Empowers Knowledge Retention

As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, our brain’s ability to retain information has its limits – as little as 50% of information is retained after one-hour and up to 70% is lost within one day! 

The key to retention: real world application. 

By giving your workforce performance support tools that enable them to put their knowledge into action in a real way, you’re increasing the impact of their learning which leads to higher retention rates. And, by giving them a convenient interface for learning, learners gain control over how, when and where they get their training.

3. Increased Efficiency

Performance support tools enable learners to find and interact with information easily, maximizing the time they are spending on the material. Because the information is customized for their needs, they’re not wasting time wading through information that may be irrelevant to their purposes. 

With precise, quick-hitting information, learners are able to focus on the tips, modules and practices that work best for their time frame, interests or needs, as well as the ability to quickly apply that learning to their real life experience.  

4. Real-Time Updates

As you’re well aware, the world of compliance and regulation is ever-changing, and a static learning platform can become outdated and irrelevant in the blink of an eye. 

Rather than start over for every industry compliance regulation change, performance support tools allow for real-time updates for new features, upgrades, change management as they become available.

5. Reduce Risk

When it comes to the long term health and security of your organization, you don’t want your workforce simply checking boxes in their training. 

By providing learners with performance support tools that give them relevant, easily assimilated information in a manner that allows them to apply it to their on-the-job experience, you can maximize their ability to retain information and develop skills crucial to your organization’s success. 

Regulation and compliance is a dense, complex subject matter; giving learners the opportunity to develop mastery over the subject matter can help mitigate risk and avoid legal issues and penalties. 

Bottom Line: The LMS is Just the Beginning

Your organization’s LMS gives your workforce the ability to acquire new skills, master subject matter and continue to develop their potential in the workplace. 

Performance solution tools allow you to maximize your investment creating a holistic performance approach that deepens impact, leverages natural human learning potential for maximum retention and mitigates risk to your organization. 

We’re Here to Help 

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Our comprehensive performance solution tools can help your organization get the most out of your LMS, maximizing your investment and creating a strong workforce for the future. Learn how Vector can take your eLearning experience to the next level.

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