Bolstering Workplace Efficiency with Microsoft Office Training


An estimated 1.2 billion people worldwide use one or more products from the Microsoft Office suite, according to data from Microsoft covered in Windows Central. Applications such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word have proved indispensable over the years, giving enterprises of all kinds the power to streamline and ultimately improve backend operations. How?

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Improved collaboration

Firms across many sectors are breaking down internal silos and assembling cross-functional teams to encourage complete organizational scalability – a necessary trait for those navigating today’s ever-changing marketplace. Most turn to seemingly inconsequential tools to facilitate the collaboration needed to maintain this kind of open workflow.

Microsoft Office is a common choice, as it not only gives employees the resources they need to produce individually but also eases teamwork, according to TechRepublic. Users can execute day-to-day tasks via linchpin programs like Excel and Word, and then leverage sharing features to get input from their co-workers. Additionally, later iterations of the software connect with platforms like OneNote, which allows for real-time collaboration among multiple users.

Updated security

Nothing derails projects quicker than unintentional data loss. In these situations, employees lose precious time locating misplaced assets, which results in decreased work quality and depressed gains.

Microsoft Office directly addresses the issue of data security. For one, the simple fact that important company information is stored online improves the state of affairs drastically, as sensitive material no longer resides in storage cabinets or unsecured areas that are difficult to monitor. Additionally, the software comes equipped with state-of-the-art digital defenses designed to keep out hackers, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Easy-to-expand workflows

Organizations are always looking for growth opportunities. However, expansion is only possible when backend systems are capable of developing with the enterprise.

Companies with Microsoft Office in place can easily move forward, as the software can broaden to accommodate more intense internal operations. Additionally, with the platform as a base, users can adopt other ancillary Microsoft services, including Outlook and Azure, the company’s enterprise-ready cloud computing suite – the platform of choice for 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

In all, Microsoft Word can take businesses to new heights, streamlining essential internal processes, future-proofing operations and facilitating healthy growth.


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