TargetSolutions’ New Courses by Calibre Press Focus on Driving and Approach Strategies

Through the partnership of TargetSolutions and Calibre Press, known for its premium law enforcement training content, departments across the country can access dynamic and engaging online courses through the industry’s leading operations and learning management system (LMS). New online courses by Calibre Press are being released in bundles to create a comprehensive series.

This latest round of course releases covers distracted driving as well as the correct way to approach scenarios involving people, vehicles and buildings. These courses provide crucial knowledge and skills to ensure the safest handling of different situations while officers are on duty.

All-New Calibre Press Online Training Courses

New Calibre Press courses are created by experts in law enforcement training with video-based lessons featuring an onscreen instructor and real-life scenarios via bodycam footage. Additionally, as these online courses are available 24/7, law enforcement professionals can refer to their training as needed…helping them perform more effectively in the field and potentially save lives.

Newly available course titles include:

Distracted Driving (LAW) focuses on distracted driving, the types of distracted driving and the devastating consequences for law enforcement that can result from not paying attention while behind the wheel.

Approach: People aims to provide a better understanding of the when/then mentality, the three legal justifications for approaching people, approach priority, and the duties and responsibilities of the contact and cover officers.

Approach: Vehicle provides an overview of the proper way to approach vehicles while considering the totality of the situation and your safety.

Approach: Buildings provides an overview of the different building approaches while considering the totality of the situation and your safety.

Find these new courses, other courses by Calibre Press and more than 240 other law enforcement training courses in TargetSolutions’ online training catalog.

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