Complete Checklist for Inspection and Inventory Management


In a world that is becoming increasingly automated, human supervision is still critical in many ways. When it comes to our memory, however, automation may have us beat.

In aviation, where 80% of accidents are attributed to human error, the checklist is considered the key to why airline travel is the safest form of travel and is a required element of every flight. The benefits to a checklist are not limited to aviation – far from it! Checklists can be a gamechanger for us, regardless of industry, by increasing operational readiness and efficiency, and minimizing risk for mission-critical industries.

Here are a few features to look for as you consider a mobile or web-based checklist application for your organization.

Top 5 Features To Look For In An Inspection & Inventory Checklist

1. Customizable

Every industry is different, and your checklist should reflect that. A checklist application should be customizable to your unique needs. Because there is so much crossover between public sector industries like the Fire Service and EMS, some applications feature shared libraries where users can download each others’ checklists as a starting point to develop their own. In one place, users can perform routine checks, ensure parts are functioning, and identify needs for repair or maintenance.

2. Access To Useful Data and Analytics

Because, who doesn’t love a nice pie chart? Like in eLearning, data and analytics are only as useful if you can readily understand and apply the knowledge you gain from them. A comprehensive checklist application should have an easily accessible platform that serves as a single source of truth. From tracking resources to producing charts and graphs, your team needs access to easy-to-digest records that can help them reduce risk, ensure performance, and achieve compliance.

3. Mobile

Checklists should be easy to access and applicable to the users needs, so a mobile app or web-based application that can be pulled up on a tablet is a powerful addition to any routine check. 

Selecting a mobile or web-based checklist application that includes comprehensive features for tracking inventory levels will help users visualize inventory and review expirations from anywhere, anytime as well as allowing them to restock quickly and easily.

From a mobile device, users can send or receive push notifications of past-due checks in real time, such as an overdue repair.

4. Automated Equipment Checks and Repairs

Whether you’re in the fire service or manufacturing car parts, keeping your equipment functioning properly is critical to the success of your business. A streamlined, customized checklist application allows users to review intuitive reports with automatically generated graphs and figures. In one place, users can open service ticket items, document costs, and then track the progress. 

5. The Power to Remain in Compliance

It’s inevitable: no matter how much we train to stay in compliance (which, as we’ve talked about before, is critical to every organization) we all face audits and inspections.

When it comes to controlled substances, a simple rounding error or confusion during a shift change can create a compliance issue that could have been easily avoided with the right inventory management application. For EMS and Fire departments, a checklist helps to eliminate risk by providing an all-in-one location for information around controlled substances. 

A checklist application takes all the stress out of the situation by clearly showing, in detail, the current status of equipment, repair progress and detailed visual reports of inventory levels. Spotting issues in real time helps you get ahead of problems and stay in compliance, reducing risk to your organization.

Check Us Out (pun intended)

When it comes to risk, we can’t forget about the risks our team members face to their own health and safety if they are not trained and supported properly. A checklist application provides your teams with a resource to ensure they’re ready to perform, take action and respond to every situation.

Vector Solutions proudly serves a broad range of industries with award-winning online education, safety, compliance, and performance optimization solution suites. Our Vector Solutions Check It™ application is a seamless, powerful solution to inventory and inspection management. Popular in the fire service and other mission-critical industries, Vector Solutions Check It ™ has the ability to provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution for a broad range of industries. Learn more about Vector Solutions Check It™ here.

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