Vector Solutions Updates Complimentary COVID-19 Training Series


Vector Solutions, the parent company to TargetSolutions, has updated its video course series, which features valuable training to help individuals protect themselves and others during the COVID-19 pandemic. With three new videos added to the series, five microlessons are available at no cost as videos to the public and are accessible inside the TargetSolutions training platform.

Complimentary Coronavirus Training Series

Vector Solutions leverages its expertise in eLearning and commitment to philanthropy through its Vector Cares program. Through Vector Cares, agencies can access free, high-quality training to help promote social awareness and serve as a resource for individuals who want to learn more and make their organizations and communities a better place.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Vector Solutions team developed and mass-released this COVID-19 awareness training series. Topics discuss coronavirus symptoms and treatment, how to prepare your household, stress management and procedures for disinfection.

Complimentary COVID-19 Video Resources

This COVID-19 microcourse series was created to help you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. Courses address necessary topics in five to 10-minute video segments. Platform managers can access these courses in their TargetSolutions site.

Please contact your Client Success Manager to add these training videos to your TargetSolutions platform!

Coronavirus 101: What You Need to Know features critical information about the coronavirus. This course covers how coronavirus is spread, how to recognize symptoms, how to prevent and treat the virus and what to do if you become sick.

Coronavirus: 102: Preparing Your Household provides practical guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help you get your household ready for community transmission. This course will help you identify necessary actions before an outbreak occurs in your community, what to do during an outbreak, and post-outbreak actions.

Coronavirus 103: Managing Stress and Anxiety defines stress and anxiety, identifies common signs and symptoms and discusses how to reduce stress for yourself and others during this difficult time.

Coronavirus 104: Transitioning to a Remote Workforce offers best practices for leadership when transitioning to a remote workforce and identifies pitfalls to avoid during the transition.

Coronavirus 105: Cleaning and Disinfecting Common Spaces provides practical guidance from the CDC for cleaning and disinfecting rooms or areas where those with confirmed COVID-19 have visited.

Coronavirus 106: CDC Guidelines for Making & Using Cloth Face Coverings provides practical guidance from the CDC for the use of cloth face coverings and includes tutorials for sew- and non-sew methods for creating face coverings.

Coronavirus 107: Reopening Your Organization provides you with practical guidance from the CDC to help get your organization ready to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you would like to share these training videos with your friends, family or community, please do! We hope everyone can benefit from this training and look forward to releasing more COVID-related courses soon.

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