Computer Security Awareness Is Critical for Everyone in the 21st Century


If it’s never happened to you, consider yourself lucky. Having your computer compromised, whether it be malicious software, phishing scams, identity theft, or loss of data, are commonplace in today’s online landscape.

This modern reality is why computer security should be understood by every user. And it’s also why not comprehending these issues can lead to significant harm and even theft of personal and financial information.

With that in mind, TargetSolutions offers an online “Computer Security Awareness” training course, which is a 30-minute overview featuring 10 learning modules and a 10-question exam.

“Most of us rely on computer technology and the information contained and transmitted by computers for both work and personal use. That’s why it’s critical every user understand the dangers that are lurking in the online world.”

Jennifer Jones, Account Manager, TargetSolutions

“TargetSolutions’ online training course addresses these threats and educates personnel on steps for preventing an incident,” said Jones.

The course, which is self-paced and appropriate for all industries, covers possible threats, viruses, spyware and e-mail security, among other things.

“The course examines the importance of a strong password,” Jones said. “Having a unique password is something we all have heard about, but taking this step is really worth the time and effort.”

For more information on this course or others like it in TargetSolutions’ online training catalog, please contact us today at (800) 840-8046.

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