Construction Employment Highest in 6 Years


Construction employment rose in 35 states and D.C., according to data from the Labor Department. With the latest gains, construction employment is now at its highest mark since February 2009.

September was particularly positive month for the U.S. construction workforce, which added approximately 8,000 jobs. California added the most new construction jobs (43,900 jobs, 6.4 percent) between September 2014 and September 2015. Other states adding a high number of new construction jobs for the past 12 months include Florida (26,700 jobs, 6.6 percent), Washington (11,400 jobs, 7.1 percent) and Pennsylvania (11,300 jobs, 4.9 percent). Arkansas (16.1 percent, 7,400 jobs) added the highest percentage of new construction jobs during the past year, followed by Alaska (11.2 percent, 1,900 jobs), Kansas (9.5 percent, 5,600 jobs) and South Carolina (9.0 percent, 7,400 jobs).

September marks the sixth consecutive months of job gains for the industry, which has added jobs every month of 2015 save for March, due to the harsh winter seen in many states.

The industry now employs 6.396 million Americans, according to the Labor Department.

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