Continuing Education Linked to Improved Employee Retention and Performance


In a special report, Forbes described continuing education and training as primary predictors of an organization’s success, more so than ROA, etc., and found that high-performance companies spend significantly more on training than average.

CE and Improved Employee Retention
Offering continuing education (CE) opportunities was also shown to benefit companies hoping to retain employees in the long run and improve their overall experiences.

A study conducted by staffing firm Spherion Atlantic Enterprises demonstrated that 61 percent of participants who had undergone additional education or training were likely to stay with their current employers for the next five years or more. This underscores how much both employees and companies stand to gain from company-wide continuing education programs.

Threats to Successful Continuing Education Initiatives
However, one of the biggest threats to rolling out and keeping successful training programs and initiatives in place is a lack of planning and foresight, HR World explains. Without the proper encouragement from upper management, training could go largely unused by staff.

Investing in Lifelong Learning
Training workers well past their own higher learning can help companies operate more fluidly and efficiently, according to the Houston Chronicle. Investing any additional capital in CE programs may yield optimal outcomes for everyone involved. Learning is a lifelong endeavor, and efforts to gain valuable skills can lead to new opportunities within the company and can keep the mind fresh and engaged throughout employment.

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