Contractor Training Improvements


We’ve just finished another Contractor Training project that includes over an hour of produced audio/video training. We saw some benefit to switching from compressed videos to native flash animations, so we made the switch!

Unlike our site-specific training and retail course library, Contractor Training solutions present training across the internet where file sizes make a major difference in performance. Because of this, we decided to produce all of our Contractor Training in native flash animations going forward.

Here are the benefits to using native flash format:

Smaller file size
Because compressed videos must render every frame, pixel by pixel, the file sizes increase with more animation.

Better animation capability
Because native flash animations are vector-based, they can be animated, scaled, and moved without increasing file size.

Changes are mostly transparent to viewers
The interface is the same, but the training material is delivered quicker (with less buffering) and is a higher quality.


This is a partial screenshot from one page of our latest contractor training project. The text and gradient shapes are vector based, supplemented with a few bitmap images.

Want to Know More?

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