ControlLogix 101: Looking at PLC Functionality


ControlLogix programmable logic controllers are emerging as next-generation solutions that drive major efficiency gains in industrial settings. Learning the nuances of these systems can give manufacturers an edge. A few especially noteworthy attributes of ControlLogix systems include:

  • The architecture allows for integration of control disciplines through a common software tool set and hardware platform.
  • The system is capable of running at three to four times the speed of a PLC 5 controller for typical ladder applications.
  • The solution allows for programming through relay-ladder logic, structured text, function block and SFC languages.
  • Communications are possible through Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, integrated Sercos motion and analog motion.

The ControlLogix PLC platform has begun to emerge as the future of the PLC sector, and RedVector offers a full suite of coursework to help organizations get their staff up to speed on how to use the technology. Key material covered in the course includes:

  • An introduction to basics.
  • Programming training.
  • Exposure to project structures.
  • Insights into communications configurations.
  • Training in hardware and software configuration and troubleshooting.

Check out our Youtube video for a close look at how ControlLogix systems are transforming PLC functionality. Plus, preview our industrial training courses to learn to take full advantage of the technology.


RedVector ControlLogix Training

RedVector ControlLogix Training

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