Convergence LMS Overview: 18 Things You Can Do with Quizzes



Here’s a quick little overview of some things you can do with Quizzes in the Convergence LMS.

  1. Create a multiple choice, multiple response (more than one correct answer), and true/false question.

    Why? Having multiple question types allows you to assess your learner for different types of knowledge. image one

  • Create an “Information” slide within a Quiz that doesn’t ask a question.

    Why? So you can add a video and say “watch this video and then answer the following questions” or link to a document on your network and say “read this document and then answer the following questions.” image one
  • Specify one or more correct answer for each question.

    Why? You won’t be limited to questions with simply one correct answer.


  • Write specific feedback to the learners who get a question right or wrong on a question-by-question basis.

    Why? Don’t just tell your learners they’re right or wrong—tell them why they’re right or (more importantly) why they’re wrong. Continue using assessment as an instructional tool. image003
  • Add an image, video, or animation to each question.

    image 004 Why? Why? Have the learner look at a photo or watch a video before answering a question. For example, the question may ask “what is the person in this photo doing wrong?” or “what is this machine called?”
  • Click and drag questions within the question pane to specify the order in which the questions appear to the learner.

    image 005 Why? In many cases, you’ll want question to appear in random order (we’ll get to that later). But in other cases, you may want questions to appear in a specific order. Maybe you’ve used one of our “information” screens that links to a video and you want learners to see the video first before answering the question. Or maybe your questions have an internal, sequential order.
  • Use the “Outline” view to copy existing Quiz questions from an external source file, such as Microsoft Word, and then copy and paste the questions back into Quizmaker so your questions will be created automatically.

     data-lazy-src=Why? Many companies already have Quizzes written—why double your work? Also, this allows you to have subject matter experts write Quizzes without using the LMS.
  • Set a different passing score for every Quiz.

    image007 Why? Not every Quiz is the same—this lets you set a unique passing score to fit your needs.
  • Select the number of questions to present to each learner (all questions or a smaller number.

    width= Why? This helps make sure your learners don’t get the same Quiz each time they take it (or each learner doesn’t get the same Quiz).
  • Select the number of times a learner can attempt to answer each question before being moved on to the next question.

    width= Why? You can allow more attempts for less-critical assessments, and allow fewer attempts for assessments when you absolutely must identify learners who know and don’t know.
  • Have questions and/or answer choices appear in random order (or not).

     data-lazy-src=Why? So your learners won’t see the exact same copy of each Quiz, of course.
  • Select how you want your answer choices identified (1, 2, 3, 4; A, B, C, D; or neither).

     data-lazy-src=Why? In some cases, this may make your answer choices less confusing. For example, it may be better to identify your answer choices with letters (such as A, B, C, D) if your answer choices themselves are numbers (such as 1, 10, 100, 1000) so your learners don’t mistake the answer choices for decimal numbers (such as 1.1, 2.10, 3.100, and 4.1000).
  • Select the type of feedback your learners get when answering a question.

    width= Why? This gives you added flexibility to give the type of feedback most helpful for the type of assessment you’re creating.
  • Change the default feedback for learners who answer any question within the Quiz.

    Why? In many cases, you’ll use specific feedback on a question-by-question basis, but when you don’t, this gives you additional flexibility. For example, maybe you’ll always want to refer learners who got the answer wrong to read a specific manual or watch a specific video. width=
  • Right-click on a question in the Question Pane for right-click options.

    Why? Because some of us love to right-click, right? Who doesn’t enjoy a time saver every so often? width=
  • Preview a Quiz to see how it will appear to a learner without first assigning it to yourself or leaving the QuizManager.

     data-lazy-src=Why? Hey, we all make mistakes, right? This gives you a chance to find yours before the Quiz goes “live.”
  • Change the completion status of learners who are currently considered complete on a Quiz back to the “Incomplete” status.

    Why? If you edit a Quiz, and it’s a significant edit, this optional step gives you a chance to assess all learners on the new change, even those currently considered complete. width=
  • Edit the most recent version of a Quiz to make a new version or edit an older version of the Quiz to make a new version.

     data-lazy-src=Why? In some cases, you’ll want to edit the most recent version of a Quiz to make a change. But in others, you may want to revert to an older version. For example, you may be returning to a former production process you haven’t used in a while.



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