Convergence Paper Training Catalog Continues to Grow


The new courses just keep on coming. We’re in the middle of a year-long push to produce over 200 new paper manufacturing training courses. We’re releasing about 50 new courses each quarter until the end of 2014. The first 50 courses, which include our new Introduction to Paper and Board Machines, Recausticizing Fundamentals, and Continuous Cooking Introduction courses, are available now and provide expert instruction on many complex paper manufacturing processes.

The new courses are between 10-40 minutes each in length, and feature a combination of video-based instruction and interactive knowledge assessments. Each is designed using our signature blend of true-to-life 3D models and striking motion graphics.

Our paper training course catalog targets newly hired workers, sales and marketing teams, and experienced personnel starting new positions within a plant. Facilities looking to train up replacements for older, retiring employees can make use of our content to reduce the amount of time it takes to get a newer, less-experienced workforce up-to-speed on the intricacies of the paper manufacturing process.

View our entire library of Pulp, Paper, Tissue, and Corrugated training materials, as well as our OSHA Health & Safety and our Operations & Maintenance course libraries, on our website.

Available Now

Available June 2014

Available September 2014

  • Wet End Chemistry – Papermaking Process Additives
  • Pump Types and Applications
  • Kraft Pulping By-Products
  • Pulp Bleaching Environmental Considerations
  • Chlorine Dioxide Generation and Use
  • Starch Cooking
  • Paper Machine Winder Slitting
  • Product Storage and Tracking
  • Chlorine Operations and Environmental
  • Supplemental and Recycled Fiber – Fiber Prep and Screening
  • Supplemental and Recycled Fiber – Fiber Deinking
  • Supplemental and Recycled Fiber – Rejects Handling
  • Supplemental and Recycled Fiber – Bale Handling
  • Operator Visibility Around Heavy Equipment
  • Equipment Hazards
  • Maintaining and Repairing Equipment
  • Electric Motor Basics
  • Flow, Level, and Pressure Sensors
  • Photoswitches, Proximity Sensors, and Feedback Devices
  • AC Motor Operation and Types
  • Motor Control Circuits and Functions
  • Temperature and Light Sensors
  • Steam Theory Fundamentals
  • Paper Fiber Sources
  • pH and Consistency Control
  • Thick Stock System Design
  • Paper Machine Refining
  • High Consistency Refining
  • High Density Cleaners
  • Stock Approach – Deaeration
  • Thin Stock System Design
  • Tail Threading
  • Dry End QCS Scanner
  • Paper Machine Reel System
  • Supplemental and Recycled Fiber – Recycling Fiber Overview
  • Supplemental and Recycled Fiber – Fiber Fundamentals
  • Supplemental and Recycled Fiber – Fiber Cleaning
  • Log Handling and Chip Storage
  • Chip Screening
  • Kraft Recovery Boilers – Waterside
  • Kraft Recovery Boilers – Sootblowers
  • Kraft Recovery Boilers – Precipitator
  • Kraft Recovery Boilers – Liquor
  • Kraft Recovery Boilers – Fireside
  • Bleaching Equipment
  • Bleaching Sequences and Filtrate Recycling
  • Chlorination and Extraction
  • Oxygen Delignification
  • Ozone Bleaching
  • Chlorine Dioxide Bleaching
  • Peroxide Bleaching
  • Railcar Loading – Paper Rolls
  • Roll Storage and Tracking
  • Bleaching Basics
  • Kraft Recovery Boiler Fundamentals
  • Thin Stock Screening
  • Truck Trailer Loading – Paper Rolls

Available December 2014

  • Power Boiler Fuel Supply Systems
  • Power Boiler Air and Combustion
  • Power Boiler Feedwater and Steam
  • Multi-Stage Turbines
  • Turbine Generator Basics
  • Contaminated Condensate Systems
  • CNCG Systems
  • HVLC Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems Equipment
  • Hydraulic System Valves and Components
  • Hydraulic System Basics
  • Recaust – Liquor Testing
  • Blow Line Refining Operation
  • Recovery Boiler BLOX System Operation
  • Wood and Chip Properties and (Quality) Testing
  • Broke System Purpose and Operation
  • Boiler Feedwater – Chemical Additives
  • Boiler Feedwater – Deaeration
  • Paper Machine Sheet Coating
  • Papermaking Process Testing
  • DC Motor Types
  • Pneumatic Tool Safety
  • Air Emissions Monitoring Instrumentation Basics
  • Paper Machine Vacuum Systems
  • Paper Machine Drying
  • Paper Machine Cascade Steam Systems
  • Paper Machine Thermocompressor Steam Systems
  • Paper Machine Other Drying Equipment
  • Paper Machine Dryer Hood Air Systems
  • Dryer Felt System Design
  • Dryer Felt System Operations
  • Size Presses
  • Common Paper/Board Product Tests
  • Common Paper/Board Optical Tests
  • Common Paper/Board Strength Tests
  • Under-machine Repulpers
  • Broke Repulpers
  • Broke Screening and Cleaning
  • Broke System Inventory Management
  • Paper Machine Direct Drives
  • Paper Machine Line Shaft Drives
  • Paper Machine Lubrication Systems
  • Cooling and Chilled Water Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Paper Machine Seal Water Systems
  • Process Sewers and Effluent Collection
  • Fresh Water Systems
  • Steam Turbine Mechanical Drives
  • Building Air Systems
  • Power Boiler Ash Handling
  • OCC – Bale Handling
  • OCC – Pulping
  • OCC – Coarse Screening
  • OCC – Fine Screening
  • OCC – HD Centrifugal Cleaners
  • OCC – Cleaning
  • Vacuum Pumps, Blowers, and Ejectors
  • Wastewater – Primary Clarification
  • Wastewater – Secondary Treatment
  • Boiler Feedwater – Demineralizer
  • Paper Machine Hydraulic Systems
  • DC Motor Operation
  • Power Boiler Basics

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