Convergence Server Enterprise LMS: Updated Version Makes Training Your Employees Easier


We’re just about to release an updated version of our highly successful learning management system (LMS), Convergence Server Enterprise, and figured you’d like to know more about it.

Overall, here’s what we’ve done:

  • Added tons of new features
  • Streamlined procedures to save administrative time
  • Made our user interface even more intuitive

Here are some of the biggest changes and new features in the system:

Activity Update and Completion Status Reversion – When updating any type of Activity, Administrators can choose to change the completion status of all Learners who have already completed that Activity to Incomplete.

Task Sign-Off Options in Tasklists: – Administrators creating Tasklists can specify who can give credit for completing the Tasks within the Tasklist (the assigned Learner; only an Admin; dual sign-off by the Learner and an Admin; Learner or Admin; anyone but the Learner).

Bulk Completion Record Wizard – When manually creating a Completion Record for Documents, CBTs, Quizzes, or Training Events, Administrators can now select more than one Activity at a time.

Updated Reports – Reports have been modified to make it easier to select parameters; to allow for reporting on Groups; to create new, easier-to-search Report List menus; and to create a new Frequently Used Reports link.

Ability to Make Activities “Inactive” – Administrators can inactivate Activities. This will remove the Activity from any Learner’s Training Plan, from all Reports (unless they are specifically requested), and from all screens on the Administration tab except the Manage Activities screen.

Clickable “Drill-Downs” for Qualifications and Requirements – Administrators can now click on links within the Manage Qualifications and Manage Requirements screen to see the Requirements within a Qualification and the Activities within a Requirement.

Redesigned “Assign Training” Screen with New Assignment Detail Options – New four-step process for assigning training, including creation of “Renew Due Date” for training that expires after an assigned Learner first completes it and additional options for specifying Expiration Date.

File Attachments on Regions, Sites, Departments, Teams, and Users – Administrators can add attachments to a Region, Site, Department, Team, or User.

File Attachments on Completion Records – Administrators can add attachments to a Learner’s Completion Record.

If you’re already using the Convergence Server Enterprise LMS, you’re going to love this new version. And if you’re not yet using this LMS, now’s a great time to start. For more information about Convergence Server Express, or our other Learning Management System offerings, visit our website.

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