Convergence Server Enterprise – Sneak Peek


Today we’re happy to announce that our talented development team has been working diligently on a brand new version of our Convergence Server Learning Management System. We expect to have it ready for release by June of this year, and are planning for the first implementations in the 3rd quarter. Rebuilt from the ground up, Convergence Server Enterprise will launch with buckets of great new features. Here’s an idea of what you can expect:

Bigger, Better, Faster.

While Convergence Server Enterprise has provided training administrators with powerful training delivery, tracking, and reporting tools, we think we can offer our clients more. In Convergence Server Enterprise, we’ve retained the core functionality of the original system while reworking the entire platform to be more flexible, more intuitive, and much more powerful. We’ve also added multi-site capability, increased the customization options for training plans and training groups, and generally made the whole application bigger, better and faster.

What’s new?

Here’s a peek at some of the new features we’re building into Convergence Server Enterprise:

• New organizational structure and user interface.
• Revised user permissions system
• Complete ASP.Net web application core
• Microsoft Silverlight integration for content creation (Tasks, Quizzes, Classes, etc.)
• Configurable required fields, field names, column names, languages
• Job scheduling engine for emails, reports, and backups
• System audit records
• Versioning for training records
• Extended design for increased flexibility and multi-site capability
• Separation of content repositories (local/remote servers)
• Looking at rugged tablet PC hardware for new portable Scout version

More to come.

So that’s our brief introduction to Convergence Server Enterprise. We’ll be releasing more details as we approach our launch date, so check back here or subscribe to our RSS feed to receive future updates.

Want to Know More?

Reach out and a Vector Solutions representative will respond back to help answer any questions you might have.