Convergence Visits Northeast to Install Convergence Server LMS and Create Training Program


What would you do if you were managing a brand-new facility with a complicated production process and needed to get new hires, many of whom have never before worked in your industry, trained as quickly as possible?

For one paper-industry facility, the answer was simple: Install the Convergence Server Learning Management System (LMS) and have a team of Convergence’s training experts create a curriculum of training materials that cover all aspects of your highly mechanized production process.

Convergence training experts recently visited a paper-industry facility in the northeastern United States to install the Convergence Server Learning Management System (LMS) and train key personnel in the plant’s Training, Human Relations, and Information Technology departments how to use the system. Installation was quick and easy, with most processes completed in less than a day. Training sessions were held the next day, with personnel at the facility quickly grasping the functions of the powerful Convergence Server LMS due to its simple design and intuitive interface.

Another team of training experts from Convergence visited the facility to document and learn their production procedures and policies. In short order, the Convergence team designed a training curriculum which was quickly approved by the training department at the facility. Convergence then began writing and storyboarding the training modules, which will incorporate text, audio, impressive 3-D animations, still photographs, and custom graphics.

Update: The storyboards have been approved and Convergence’s team of 3-D animators are preparing the modules today; they will be released to the facility soon, once complete.

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