Copy Credential Enhancement Simplifies Process for Updating, Reassigning Credentials


Copy Credential function will allow platform managers to copy their own credentials, as well as TargetSolutions’ Certified Credentials, and all associated information from inside the Manage Credentials application. It’s important to note that when a “Certified Credential” is copied, the copied version is no longer certified.

Customizing training and delivering it with ease are essential elements to effective training management. That’s why TargetSolutions’ soon to be released enhancement will be popular with platform managers.

The all-new Copy Credential function that will be released soon, will enable organizations to copy existing credentials, duplicate or edit components inside them, update alert notifications, and then reassign to select users. If you’ve ever wanted to make changes to a credential, but didn’t want to recreate it from scratch – whether it’s an ISO Training Tracker, a firefighter task book, a new-hire orientation package, or any other credential – you will be excited by this capability.
“This allows platform managers to copy, update, and reassign custom and certified credentials,” said Software Engineer Manager Dustyn Borghi. “It’s a really powerful time-saving tool. This provides more power to be able to control credentials how you want.”
Copy Credential Function’s Impact on TargetSolutions’ Fire Department ISO Training Tracker
Product Manager Misty Pratt anticipates the Copy Credential tool being deployed frequently by clients using TargetSolutions’ one-of-a-kind ISO Training Tracker.
“Some sites use yearly ISO credentials and Credential Summary reports to gather progress data,” Pratt said. “To use these reports and still be able to see the data for a previous year, they were not able to utilize the auto-renew capabilities for their users in order to ‘reset’ and begin a new cycle. They needed to recreate new identical credentials each year. Now they can do this on their own, without any assistance from TargetSolutions’ Client Services.”
Pratt also mentioned how fire department training task books, or job-specific learning tracks, are often organized into credentials, and how many of the credentials contain common elements. Platform managers can now copy over the bulk of the content, but make adjustments to requirements based on target audience.
TargetSolutions Is Always Listening to Clients to Improve the Platform
This enhancement originated with client feedback, Pratt said. Daniel Phillips, a captain with Plymouth Community Fire Department in Michigan, requested the update.
“I have yearly training built into credentials for fire training that is required each year by law,” Phillips said. “I would like for it to automatically update each year into a new credential. It would be easier on me and I wouldn’t have to redo it each time and hope I’m doing it accurately.”
Said Pratt: “We’re excited to be able to make the platform more efficient. That’s what we’re always looking to do. I think this enhancement will help our clients.”

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