Crane and Hoist Rigging: A New Safety Training Video


Crane and Hoist Rigging is the newest training course to enter our growing Safety and Health library. This is an introductory course for general industry or construction workers who work on or near cranes or crane rigging.

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Topics covered include:

  • Common rigging and sling materials
  • Types of common sling hitches
  • Types of common hardware components
  • Basic safe rigging practices

During the research, writing, and production of this course we received input from James Headley, the founder and Executive Director of The Crane Institute of America. The Crane Institute of America is one of the largest crane training facilities in the United States. They provide hands-on training on mobile cranes, overhead cranes, tower cranes, and rigging, and they hold classes at more than 80 locations in the country. Headley also serves as the CEO of Crane Institute of America Certification (CIC), an organization recognized by OSHA that provides accredited certifications for crane operators, riggers, signalpersons, and inspectors.

Headley is also the author of "Rigging," a widely-respected field handbook that includes practical instruction on how to use rigging and slings, as well as lifting capacity charts for a wide range of hardware.

Mr. Headley’s extensive crane experience helped us ensure that we were choosing the most useful information for our introductory-level course. His review of the finished visual aspects of our training was also very valuable to ensure that we were showing realistic setups for the crane and rigging components.

Convergence is very proud to release this highly-visual and easy-to-understand course. We feel it will be a valuable part of introductory or refresher safety and OSHA compliancy training for industrial facilities that use overhead cranes. It would also be a good companion piece or follow-up to our Overhead Crane training courses (Overhead Crane Basics & Overhead Crane Operational Safety).

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